The Otherworldly Evil Emperor _Wind Over the World_txt Novel Heaven

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06 January 2023

Mei Xueyan moved her lips and tried to say something. But after all, he did not say anything, but sighed deeply. It is undoubtedly true that there are many masters in the three holy places, but they can be compared with you. I believe it is very few. I'm more convinced. Even if ten strong people above the supreme ambush you together, you will inevitably be seriously injured, but these ten people can go back, there should be few people, right? Jun Moye said, "With your strength, you can do it all. Kill a few, cripple a few, and then drag yourself away with serious injuries. I even suspect that with your magical powers, if you go all out regardless of the consequences, you may not be able to wipe out the enemy.". There's still a chance to get away with it! "But you didn't. You just left with a serious injury, but the ten people were intact." Jun Moye sighed deeply: "The reason why they still want to set up a game against you is that they have this life-saving amulet in their hands.". It is because everyone knows that you are determined not to kill, they will be so jealous. "So, you just indulge them!"! Other than that, there is no other benefit! "However," the battle to seize heaven has always been a matter entrusted to each other by the sage-kings of the past Dynasties. How can we ignore it? You human beings can not take Zu seriously,plastic trash bins, we Xuanshou can not do it! Mei Xueyan took a deep breath and frowned slowly. So I say that the pure heart of your Xuanshou is one of your greatest strengths and weaknesses! One thing you need to know. What I'm saying now. Do, the only purpose is to hope that you can save your own life, and then save the entire punishment of the forest, not to let you quit the battle to seize the sky! Jun Moye looked at her deeply: "Of course I want to take part in the battle to seize the sky. Even if you don't take part in it, I don't want to.". However, in the face of threats and provocations, we should not tolerate them blindly! Kill when it's time to kill, cut when it's time to cut! Without them,plastic bulk containers, the battle to seize the sky is not necessarily a failure! But if you are willing to die, will only take advantage of their wishes, harm the whole day to punish Xuanshou, and the battle to seize the day may not be able to win! How can this be the punishment of the beast emperor, this point, you have to be clear! If you really make the wrong choice, you will make the beasts of heaven. Once destroyed, I think you will be even more faceless to see the sage-kings of the past Dynasties in the grave! Mei Xueyan pondered, eyes slowly burst up two groups of fine awn, slowly tunnel: "Yes, I understand!"! It turns out that I have been enduring humiliation. Has been tolerant, it is a mistake! I was really wrong! "I hope you really understand this time!" Jun Moye smiled and said, "Now, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic pallet manufacturer, it's time to take Tongyuan for the two Dharma protectors." Mei Xueyan smiled and nodded. She was originally a wise and sagacious person, but she was too persistent in the great event of the battle to seize the sky, so that she was somewhat indecisive and had no usual decisiveness and perseverance. At this moment, her heart knot was all open, and naturally she instantly restored the supreme demeanor of the decisive punishment of heaven. The two elixirs were taken by Xiong Kaishan and Hu Liedi respectively, sitting and exercising. Mei Xueyan and Jun Moye, Qian Xun three people do not dare to neglect, although they are sitting calmly, but three people feel that each other's divine consciousness has been far away from the mountain circle within a few hundred points, any change will not be out of the two people's feelings Moye further, will be their own pure aura, to help the two beast kings succeed. Gradually, Mei Xueyan and Qian Xun were surprised. Jun Moye's progress is undoubtedly amazing, but at best he can only be the peak of Tianxuan, why is his divine consciousness so powerful? Qian Xun even felt that he was inferior to Jun Moye in this respect! Can not help but be very strange. Is he actually hidden in the heart? Mei Xueyan's strength is the strongest in the field, and the sense of God is also the most sensitive one. She had a clearer grasp of Jun Moye's divine consciousness, and even noticed which direction Jun Moye's divine consciousness had scattered and which direction she had laid particular emphasis on. What surprised her most was that not only was Jun Moye's divinity strong, but also because the places that Jun Moye had explored were the weaknesses that were easily exploited by people, many of which coincided with Mei Xueyan, and even some places were ignored by Mei Xueyan! It's easy to say, but how much experience does it take to do this? Mei Xueyan knows it! I am in the long battle, including all the crises before the transformation, after years of training into the present well-tempered battlefield wisdom! But Jun Moye is a 17-year-old boy. Even more careful than myself! Isn't this aggressive? Things? Mei Xueyan was surprised when she heard Jun Moye ask unconsciously, "That's right.". There's one thing I still don't understand. How on earth did I offend you? You did so many tricks against me that day! Mei Xueyan immediately dumb, this question is no longer a good answer to the category, but simply can not answer. You seemed to have a strong opinion of me from the very first time we met in the Forest of Heaven. Jun Moye kept his divinity motionless, but in his mouth he spoke freely and distracted! This surprised the Snake King and Mei Shuangyan even more! Because. When Jun Moye was speaking, his divine consciousness did not fluctuate at all! This kind of precise control, even Mei Xueyan, can only barely do it! This guy is such a freak! "At that time," said Jun Moxie, "when you saw me, you seemed to hate Li Jue Tian. Even Li Jue Tian at that time, in fact, was only a disaster caused by my ignorance. Then you caught me. But instead of killing me, he spanked me so hard that my buttocks swelled for several days. I still don't understand what this is? Do you have this hobby? ,” Remembering the situation at that time, Mei Xueyan's lips could not help smiling faintly, but there was a flash of shame and annoyance, apparently remembering the day when he was punished by this boy in the forest. "After that, from Tiannan to Tianxiang, you took me all the way!"! When we met again after Tianxiang, you still spank me desperately. "Don't kill me, don't maim me, just spank me." "Isn't that weird?" Jun Moye was puzzled. What a bullshit hobby,plastic pallet box, just because you're born to be beaten! If you don't hit, who will you hit? Mei Xueyan snorted coldly, where he would still want to talk about this topic.

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