Evil, Im coming.

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06 January 2023

Feng Qingya knocked on the door. Creak-! The door opened, and my heart was in my throat with the opening of the door. I was nervous! An old woman opened the door, and Qingya led me into the gate of the mansion. Li Fu is not very big, standing by the door, you can faintly see someone walking back and forth in the hall. The garden is not ostentatious, and my Taifu garden is more luxurious than the courtyard in front of me. The whole courtyard was very clean and simple, and there was no official momentum at all. Instead, it looked like a place for literati to live. On the left were a few wintersweet plants in bud, and on the right was a small flower garden with a few Chinese roses. Seeing this, I can't help but have a good impression on my grandmother, whom I haven't met yet. This way, miss! Feng Qingya led us to the lobby. I lowered my head and thought, how should I meet for the first time? Is it like Lin Daiyu entering the Jia family in a Dream of Red Mansions, holding my grandmother in her arms and crying as soon as she enters? Or should we let them see it openly? I was thinking, completely unaware that I had stepped into the lobby. Qinger! As soon as I went in, I was hugged tightly by a man who hugged me and kept calling me Qinger. Sweat, I am still a little swallow crape myrtle! I struggled to break away from the embrace, but the man hugged me more and more tightly, but did not let me go. I am dizzy, who did I meet! "Brother Lan, let go of Qinger, you'll frighten her like this!" While I was thinking about what to do, a voice made the man let go of me. I had a chance to meet my legendary family. There are five people sitting in the simple and elegant hall. Sitting in the upper seat, is a grey-haired woman, dressed simply,plastic pallet bin, not publicity, the whole person has a little literati temperament, giving a very comfortable feeling. Well, it is initially speculated that it is my grandmother, the former minister of Xuanyuan Kingdom, Li Shangshu. The man who just hugged me, that is, the "blue brother", looks similar to me,collapsible bulk container, slender figure wearing a blue dress, not because of the white frost on his hair, and reduce the rich temperament of his body, the initial guess is my father Li Feiyan's father, that is, my grandfather. There are two people sitting on the left, a boy and a girl, depending on their age, they should be my father's brothers and sisters, while there are two teenagers sitting on the right, a boy and a girl, very cute, probably my brother and sister. I looked at my family, and they looked at me and Jinru. Passed a little while, the woman of the upper seat, opened a mouth: "Clear and elegant, you are laborious!" Qingya saluted and retreated. Hey, come on, wholesale plastic pallet ,heavy duty plastic pallet, you're backing down. What am I gonna do? I anxiously watched Feng Qingya leave my sight. Oh, my God, what am I gonna do? Holding Jin Ru's hand, I couldn't help tightening up. You "You.." I spoke at the same time as the woman. I stopped timidly and began to despise myself in my heart. Really, usually also can say, now dare not say! "Come, child, let me see you!" When the woman saw that I was embarrassed, she called me softly. I let go of Jin Ru's hand and walked up to her. She looked at me, eyes gradually floating on a layer of mist, slowly reached out, down my face, "good." OK Just come back! I stared at her, not knowing what to say. I just felt a burst of emotion in my heart. Seeing the old man's tears, I felt a burst of acid in my heart, and I had an impulse to throw myself into her arms and cry. Qing'er is really, how can you let the pregnant husband stand! An exclamation drove away that shadow of sadness that had been diffuse. I suddenly have a black line. Dizzy, what do you mean I let my pregnant husband stand? I'm standing myself! The man in blue kindly pulled Jinru to sit down and kept asking about Jinru's pregnancy. The other four people who had been sitting were also surrounded by Jinru, asking this and that. Although Jin Ru was a little at a loss, he answered obediently. I am dizzy, what is this situation? "Qinger, don't worry!"! Brother Lan won't bully your husband! Seeing that I was a little anxious, the woman patted my hand to comfort me. But, Grandma. You.. What did you just call me? The woman's voice was a little choked. Then I turned to look at her, and when I saw her in tears, I couldn't help feeling a little excited again. Grandma, I called you Grandma just now! I said to her with a smile. Brother Blue, did you hear that? Qinger called me grandma! She burst into tears. Oh my God! Really?! I can't handle an old man crying. I was in a hurry to wipe her tears with a handkerchief. Qinger, call me, and you call me too! When the man in blue heard Grandma's words, he rushed to me and looked at me expectantly. I called grandpa timidly. But he was also excited to embrace his grandmother and cry. Oh, my God, what the hell is this? I looked at the two old people crying in front of me, not knowing what to do. Mother, don't cry! Qinger should be happy to be back! The middle-aged man and woman, seeing the two old people crying, came over and gently comforted them. Yes! Yes! Qinger is back. We should laugh! Brother Lan, don't cry, either! Laugh! Grandma stopped crying and patted Grandpa next to her. Grandpa nodded and stopped crying, which made me and Jinru dumbfounded. This This is too strong! If you don't cry, you won't cry. It's much better than those TV actors! "Qinger, I'm your aunt, Li Feixue, and this is your uncle." The middle-aged woman looked at me and introduced me, "Those two are your brother and sister.". Why don't you come and meet your sister? My aunt's words made the two children run to me, one of them took me by the hand and called me sister kindly. Dizzy, I promised and quickly saluted my aunt and uncle. Qinger, where did you grow up? How are you? When did you marry your husband? Come on, come on, talk to Grandpa and Grandma. Grandpa looked at me excitedly. I hastened to give a general account of my affairs. We just talked about it. I told them about me, and they told me about my father. Qinger, it's so late. Let's stay at home today. "Yes, Qinger, you can stay here!" …… It's late at night. Jinru and I were ready to leave and go back to the post station. Grandpa, however,foldable bulk container, refused to let us go, and together with his aunt and uncle, he kept asking us to stay. cnplasticpallet.com

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