The evil concubine of King Leng

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06 January 2023

Qiu Yan ignored the wound on his shoulder, jumped up and grabbed the knife of the man in black who had fallen to the ground, and turned to fight. Looking at the familiar figure of Qiu Yan, it is obvious that the good tiger is no match for the wolves, but it is still struggling. Fallen on his body to see the figure of Ming Xianhan, who tried his best to beat back the enemy to protect her to leave the figure. "Cold." Luoluo gritted his teeth and called softly. Immediately, he lowered his body and lifted another stone, aiming at the man in black who was attacking the enemy flame. He was so cruel that he would continue to smash it. The leading man in black suddenly turned around and cut her directly with a long knife. Startled, Luoluo raised her face to look at the silence of the man in black, and suddenly a familiar figure flashed through her mind, but she did not catch it. Qiu Yan turned around, his heart almost jumped out, waved the enemy aside, and ran to Luoluo, who was holding a stone to hit the man in black. Luoluo was not the opponent of the man in black, so a stone could not stop his attack at all. Watching Luoluo repeatedly retreat, turn back to the edge of the cliff, as long as the man in black was pushed forward one step,collapsible bulk containers, Luoluo's whole body will fall down. "Bastard!" Qiu Yan gritted his teeth and ran up, but it was still too late. "Ah!" Luoluo suddenly felt empty at his feet, and his whole body fell down in an instant. With a roar in her brain, the omen of death surrounded her whole body and mind, and her eyes widened in horror, looking at the enmity on the cliff and the man in black. "Luoluo!" With a roar,plastic pallet suppliers, Qiu Yan tried to grab Luoluo's arm, but her whole body had already fallen down. When the man in black saw that the time was ripe, he brandished his knife and cut at the enemy. But Qiu Yan suddenly jumped off the cliff, and his whole body quickly chased the body that was falling down. "This.." Several men in black ran up behind the leading man in black, looking at the rapidly falling enmity and falling with some consternation. "What should I do, boss?" "Down the hill!"! Live to see people, die to see corpses! The eyes of the man in black were cold, but he saw a touch of regret and pain in his cold eyes. "Ah!" Luoluo shouted, but what was more shocking was that Qiu Yan actually jumped down. His body was heavier than hers, and the speed of falling was faster than hers. In only two seconds, his big warm hand had already held Luoluo tightly: "Qiu Yan?!!" Luoluo shouted. "Don't be afraid!" Qiu Yan twisted his eyebrows and held Luoluo's hand steadily. Although they were falling at the same time, after holding hands, the deep fear in Luoluo's heart disappeared for the most part. "I'm not afraid!" Luoluo bit her lip, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet suppliers, not knowing how high the cliff was, she just felt falling all the time, but she hadn't reached the ground yet. Now, she would rather fall into the sea with Qiu Yan than fall to the ground! Otherwise, I'm afraid both of them will be thrown to a pulp! Qiu Yan gave Luoluo a reassuring look, twisted his eyebrows, turned his head to look at a stretched tree on the cliff, suddenly tilted over, hugged Luoluo, touched the cliff at his feet, jumped up a few minutes, and firmly grasped the branch with his big hand. Chapter 267 of the main text The whole body and mind are falling because of inertia. Suddenly, I feel that the world seems to have stopped, and my body is no longer falling. After a long time, I have the courage to open my eyes and look at the enemy who is clenching his teeth and grasping the branches. The tree was not very thick, and after being caught by the strong momentum of the two men, the roots of the whole deep cliff had come out a lot, and seemed to be about to break. Don't worry about me! The tree won't hold both of us! Luoluo suddenly shouted. She's not afraid to die. I'm really not afraid. As long as Qiu Yan is alive, he will be able to treat her steamed stuffed bun well! So she's not afraid. The only regret is that I have lived for two lifetimes, but I have never grown old with anyone. Luoluo shriveled his mouth. "Chou Yan!"! Let go of me! Luoluo shouted. "What are you talking about?" Chou Yan gritted his teeth, his forehead was already sweating, his whole arm was veined, but he still refused to loosen it, raised his head, looked at the roots that were about to break, and was thinking about what to do next. "Let me go!"! This tree can't support two people. If you continue to insist, neither of us can live! Luoluo cried out in a hurry, watching the branch break. Qiu Yan did not speak, but Luoluo suddenly felt a hot night body falling on her face and her arm. Luoluo turned his eyes and looked at the blood falling on his arm. First, he was stunned. Then he raised his eyes and looked at Qiu Yan in horror: "How much are you hurt?"? You're still bleeding! We can't do this anymore! Let go of me! Let it go "Be honest with me!" Suddenly, Qiu Yan gritted his teeth viciously, helpless to the woman who was in a dangerous situation and could shake his arm and shout loudly. "Qiu Yan." Luoluo sobbed: "You are hurt!" "I'm fine." Qiu Yan twisted his eyebrows and did not look at his wound, but lowered his head and looked down at the cliff. It seems that it is not very far from the ground, but even if it is no longer so high, just falling like this, the body can not stand it! What's more, the baby in her belly has just been saved, if there is any shock, I'm afraid not to mention the child, Luoluo can't live! Seeing that he refused to let go of himself,collapsible pallet bin, he suddenly stopped shouting, but raised his head and looked at Qiu Yan. The man she loves most. She did not know if she had come to find such a man who could live and die with her. But she's satisfied, really. / 。

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