The evil saint of online games

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06 January 2023

All the way north, my heart is unimpeded. Wu yuan's heart is strong, even if it is the horizon, it can not stop the pace of his progress, the idea of a move, call the blood-winged dragon, stepping on it to fly north. Less than five hundred meters away, I saw a display of corpses, old and young, men and women, who died tragically, all of which had emptied their hearts. Blood stained the earth, blood assailed the nostrils, and the bodies were covered with flies, buzzing. These people died not long ago, and according to the degree of blood coagulation, the time of death was three hours ago. Wu yuan ignored it and concentrated on his journey. After walking about 600 meters, he saw another 32 corpses, including human beings, elves, monsters and so on. It seemed that there was a group battle. No, it's not a group battle, but the same way as the body in front of it. Wu yuan glanced at it and found that the thirty-two corpses had the same fatal injury, which was the same as the one he had encountered before. They all had their hearts smashed empty and died a violent death, which was too horrible to look at. Who cut out their hearts? The means are too cruel! With a sigh, Wu yuan shook his head and moved on. Squeak! A sharp whistle resounded through the sky, and a 620-level holy order bird-headed human-body beast scurried out of the forest, stopped Wu yuan's footsteps, and made a greedy and excited voice: "It's really the breath of the king of divine beasts, and it's a 312-level blood-winged dragon. Now this saint is developed, refining its origin. This saint is at least promoted to the divine order, or even the forbidden order. Ha ha ha.." The bird's head, the man's body,drum spill containment, and the beast smiled and almost bent over. It looked straight at Wu yuan, raised the corners of its mouth, and said with a swagger, "Boy, this saint is in a good mood today. As long as you give the blood-winged dragon, I can be merciful and save your life." In the eyes of the holy order bird-headed beast, Wu yuan of the fourth heroic realm is just an insignificant mole ant, flapping his wings, can blow him out a million miles, and he said so much nonsense, entirely because of the discovery of the blood-winged dragon, the mood is particularly good. Ignorant fellow! Wu yuan shook his head and smiled. With a jump of his slingshot,plastic wheelie bins, he held the tiger spirit golden axe and struck down the front of the holy order bird-headed human-body beast. As fast as lightning, the golden light flashed. The tiger spirit golden axe cut into the protective mask of the holy order bird-headed human-body beast and sank into its chest, leaving a large wound as long as 1.6 feet. Blood was shot out, and 3200000 bright red injuries emerged. Chapter 193 robbery, robbery. Ah! With a cry of pain, the bird's head, the human body, and the beast fell to the ground, stained with blood, and three hundred thousand bleeding injuries appeared one by one. Wu yuan hit it in the heart, making it lose the ability to fight and be slaughtered by others. You, you are not the realm of four heroes! The voice of the holy order bird head body beast has not yet fallen, decapitated, died, leaving a piece of goods, with full of doubts, to the King of Hell there for an answer. Colorful lights lit up one after another, and the level of the Blood-winged Dragon rose to level 315, which was the reason why Wu yuan shared most of his experience with it. Picking up the booty, the blood-winged dragon hides its breath so as not to provoke powerful enemies. The blood-winged dragon shuttled flexibly through the jungle, like the wind, carrying Wu yuan all the way north. This tree is planted by me, mobile garbage bin ,euro plastic pallet, and this road is opened by me. If you want to pass by this road, you can leave money to buy the road. A burly man jumped down from a big tree, brandished a knife, cut off the path of the blood-winged dragon, and made the old-fashioned slogan of robbery. Wu yuan looked at the other side, is the sixth supreme realm of NPC, level 660, ID everlasting hatred, the name of the red purple, obviously not good. Although his realm is higher than my two realms, his equipment is not as good as mine, and I am an evil king, so it is not difficult to deal with him. Seeing that Wu yuan did not respond, Chang Hen thought that Wu yuan had ignored him. As soon as he raised his eyebrows, he was furious and murderous: "Hum, a little hero of the fourth generation dares to ignore my existence. You have already committed a capital crime. Now I am not only robbing money, but also robbing my life and dying!" Everlasting regret said to fight, the whole body concave and convex distinct muscles exude violent power, behind the six-color halo is dazzling, colorful light, eye-catching, a knife split, Shenwei rolling, the meaning of the supreme is full of kilometers around, pressing the air reversal, vegetation can not bear his magnificent breath, bending down the body, worshipping him, activities in the scope of the meaning of the supreme of everlasting regret. All of them retreated and were full of fear, showing the elegance of the six generations of his generation. Wu yuan read silently, put away the blood-winged dragon, did not look, waving the tiger spirit golden axe, facing the sword of everlasting regret, when a fierce collision occurred, sparks splashed, the sound of impact spread far away, crisp and long. Pedal. Everlasting regret took seven steps back to stabilize the pace, while the other side only took three steps back, and the gap was very obvious. He couldn't believe his eyes. He couldn't accept that he was at a disadvantage against the four heroes. It was something that had never happened before. Over the years, the four heroes who died in his hands, not one thousand, but also eight hundred, each time is three times five divided by two to solve, where will be such a God horse situation. Time did not allow him to think much, Wu yuan's attack like a storm to kill, each axe to the vital point of the long hate to attack, coupled with the speed and change, so that he can not defend. After blocking ten axes, there were three places on his body to dig, and the blood flowed out, and his life was worth more than 4.5 million. Fortunately, he is the sixth supreme, the value of life is surprisingly thick, reaching the 92000000, four or five million damage, for him to bear. Everlasting hate dance broadsword, airtight! With a loud shout of everlasting regret, the sound was like spring thunder and deafening, which made Wu yuan's movements stagnate. He took the opportunity to wield his broadsword and use his skills to make himself airtight and wrap himself up tightly to block Wu yuan's attack. Almost at the same time, broadsword backhand swing, drag away, set off a sharp and ferocious knife wind, toward Wu yuan trouser file up, ruthless hand, deliberately to destroy the small Wu yuan. As soon as Wu yuan's eyes were cold, the evil spirit was awe-inspiring, and the murder was revealed. With a wave of the tiger spirit's golden axe, he cut off the locking power of the everlasting hatred. As soon as the ghost came out, it disappeared out of thin air in his eyes. Where did he go? Long hate heart frightened, found behind the sound of the wind,plastic pallet manufacturer, dark cry a bad, the first time to jump forward, at the same time a backhand knife.

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