The Fantasy Age of Online Games

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The twenty-eighth chapter is the ice dance of treasure hunting.   There are few means of close-range attack. They will be very passive at that time! The night is slightly worried to say, "the other two are also,aluminum tile trim, are close combat professionals, if encountered all far attack, can be bitter for both of them." "Well, don't worry." Floating around to the hidden moon is still very confident, standing in front of the gate he continued to command the brake they move forward, one side of the bright moon lotus heart smile to the monster around the easy killing, it has to be said that the spirit of the magician in the soul of such things have extraordinary powerful lethality. All you have to do is stand in front of her and help her fend off some attacks. Ding-dong, your teammates enter the special task map, and the communication will be temporarily disconnected. The system message ran out in the first time,stainless steel tile edge trim, and on their team panel, now only two people were left to float around with Haoyue Lianxin. Then let's go, too! Like a standard gentleman, he stretched out his hand to Haoyue Lianxin. "Let's go!" "Yes." Haoyue Lianxin nodded and laughed.   "Well, I've seen some internal documents, of course, stainless steel edging strip ,tile trim manufacturers, which belong to the type that I can see. It says that after going through the maze, there is usually a safe area for people who have just passed through the maze to rest."   At this time, he was trying to find something from his backpack that could increase the temperature. If only one person is floating around, the benefits of the undead are once again reflected, whether the temperature is high or low does not matter to him, but one side of the bright moon lotus heart can not stand it. Weak magicians wear so little in such a low temperature place, it will not take long for them to freeze and so on, and when the time is long, they will begin to bleed because of the cold,metal trim manufacturers, and finally they will even be judged to be frozen to death. Floated to and fro from the backpack for a long time, this is not easy to find some fur, and then regardless of so much he hurriedly refined all the fur into a plush coat handed to the white moon lotus heart.

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