The Legality of Fantasy Sports In India: a Game Of Skill?

The Legality of Fantasy Sports In India: a Game Of Skill?
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21 September 2023

In the past few decades, fantasy sports have gained immense popularity. Many sports enthusiasts have started participating in these virtual games due to the demand for fantasy games. The legality of fantasy sports platforms in India has been a topic of debate.

If you are also curious about the legality of fantasy sports in India, is it a game of skills or chance? Not to worry, now, here in this blog, we will explore the legality of fantasy sports in India. By knowing this fact, you can choose whether you want to play or not and if yes, then you will get a thrilling experience, and based on your skills, you can win lots of cash prizes as rewards.

Fantasy sports is game of chance or a skill?

  • Game of chance: When we have to compare, then, there are various points. If we talk about a game of chance, it's based on luck. For example, you are playing colour prediction in which you need to invest some money and choose the colour, or if you are lucky and your luck is with you, you will get cash as a reward. In this types of games, the user just predicts options of their choice. There is no need to showcase their skills or knowledge. It's like a lottery ticket based on your stars.

  • Game of skills: It is a game where players must use their skills and knowledge. Fantasy sports application gives a platform where players have to use their skills. Let's take an example of fantasy cricket: in this sport, users have to build a virtual team by bringing players from both teams who will perform in the fourth match. Players will appoint the captain and vice-captain. They have an option to create multiple groups, choose the league according to them, and many more. It all is possible by implementing your knowledge and skills.

  • Based on these two points, the conclusion is that in the game of chance, only your luck matters, and when we talk about the game of skill, knowledge, skills, strategies, and presence of mind matter a lot. So, fantasy sports is considered a game of skills, not chance.

Skill element in fantasy sports:

  • Player selection: In fantasy sports, players need to select the players and create their virtual team. To build a winning team, players need to research the sports person, their performance, injury reports and many more that are not a part of the game of chance.

  • Appoint a Captain and Vice Captain: After creating a successful virtual squad, it's time to choose your captain and vice captain wisely. It also needs deep research, which makes it a game of skills. There are many more elements like team management, active participation in the game, knowledge of sports, and so on.

Legal Framework: Game of chance or betting activity in India comes under the Act 1867, which consists of public gambling. But when we talk about fantasy sports applications, these are not covered under this Act, and the definition of betting games is defined in the Act. Based on this, they argue that this is a skill-based game.

Judicial Precedents: When it goes under the court, there are many states, and their judiciary is in favour of this platform, which is a game of skills, not a chance. Act 1867 clarifies that fantasy sports applications do not come under this, making it a skill and knowledge-based game. When we talk about self-regulation, various fantasy sports application owners and creators in India make it self-regulatory bodies to ensure fair play and responsible gaming experience.

Final Words:

The primary purpose behind writing this blog is to spread the proper guide about fantasy sports platforms. Many users and sports enthusiasts think it's a game of chance rather than skill. This blog gives readers a brief idea about the legality of fantasy sports in India: a game of skills. So if your doubt is clear and you want to play fantasy sports to earn lots of cash rewards just by showcasing your knowledge and skills, no look further than the Consider11 fantasy sports application. It is one of the leading apps to play different fantasy sports, where you can also participate in free tournaments that will help you learn how to play fantasy sports.

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