The Nine Heavens of Online Games

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12 January 2023

Chapter 108 of the main text real stone and fake stone. Blue dragon frost hold back three seconds first chuckle, turn to cover snicker, finally in Liu Rufeng face more depressed can no longer help laughing, in fact, he can not understand, although Liu Rufeng is not gentle, but "Hedong lion" this word blue dragon frost but think how can not pull to her body, but Liu Rufeng's face a black down, he knew that things seem not so good. If the maple is very angry, the consequences are very serious! With a wave of her hand, Liu Rufeng almost kicked her foot into the sky and played her soprano voice again: "Smelly boy, dare to laugh at me, I will kill you!" The sound only shocked the blue dragon frost and the waves that had just stepped into the door. They were deaf, saw stars, and appeared dizzy. In the front yard of the White Horse Temple, some poor little players who had just forgotten to replenish their blood were shocked by the second monster-like voice! Blue dragon frost looked at his remaining one third of the blood to eat the healing medicine, if Liu Rufeng again a "river east lion roar" he had to go to the rebirth point to report. Hum, see you still laugh at me! At this time, Liu Rufeng hummed twice,inflatable air dancer, but felt dry throat, secretly surprised in the heart, the original "Hedong lion roar" also has many restrictions, but she just called twice on the throat such as fire, and then call a voice is not bad? Carefully observe the skill block, only to find that there is a line of small print below: It should not be used too much. If the use causes sore throat, please use Golden Throat Protection. Liu Rufeng secretly erected no less than ten middle fingers,Inflatable bouncer, mercilessly despised the game business, which can also advertise! However, Liu Rufeng is looking forward to seeing Black Sunday again. I don't know whether his lion roar is fierce or his own lion roar is fierce. Monk Jiufang looked at Lan Longshuang and Liu Rufeng with a smile and said, "Thank you for your help this time. I can't repay you. You seem to have something to ask me for help. Please open your mouth." "Ding", two people hear the system prompt at the same time, congratulates the player Liu Rufeng, the blue dragon frost completes the hidden task, obtains the nine masters' appreciation. At the same time frowning, what is the appreciation of the nine masters? It must be the product of the game update. Go back to the forum and check it out. Come with me. Jiufang Monk's attitude towards them was different from before, and he led the three of them to the front yard with a smile. This can not help but let three people look at each other strangely for a while, Langxufei holding his chin and laughing easily: "It seems that this appreciation seems to be very different from NPC's attitude towards you." Turning around a green bamboo field and the rubble area of the collapsed low wall, Liu Rufeng three people followed Master Jiufang around an arhat hall with different shapes inside. The temple of Master Jiufang was quite refreshing, and the three people could not help but feel refreshed when they entered it. Liu Rufeng carefully found a few strange stones placed on the tea table of Jiufang Monk. Look again. Although those stones look strange, they are also beautiful when combined together. She couldn't help laughing and said, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable mechanical bull, "Master, do you like these strange stones?" Monk Jiufang glanced at the stones, shook his head and said, "Those are the masterpieces of the nine methods of the young disciple. He loves to make these little things." Liu Rufeng secretly strange, at this time there is a small monk outside the door, she can not help but quickly turn left step, is facing the eyes of the small monk. The young monk seemed to be frightened and quickly drew back and turned to run. Wave catkins flying step method such as ghosts, turn around three steps have taken him into the inside, Liu Rufeng recognized him, it is that in the back of the mountain to steal chicken legs of the wine and meat monk, can not help but smile. Pulling up the chair, several people sat down one after another. The monk of Jiufang frowned and tapped the young monk: "Jiufa, why are you running around again?" Liu Rufeng was almost convinced that what the nine-law monk had told her was not necessarily the truth, and that he must know something about the two boundary stones, but now he refused to say it. Liu Rufeng snorted coldly, his face showing the color of unhappiness, sitting quietly beside him, his beautiful eyes already narrowed dangerously. The blue dragon frost and the waves fly to see her so look immediately consciously stand on both sides, if the fire willow such as maple, they are quite afraid to be ravaged by her river east lion roar to life can not take care of themselves. Nine methods saw Liu Rufeng look at him dangerously, but also said that she had discovered all the things about drinking and eating meat, so guilty that the monk did not answer the question. When Monk Jiufang saw something wrong with Liu Rufeng's expression, he asked strangely, "Do you have any quarrel with my little disciple, benefactor Liu?" Jiu Fa looked pale and thought Liu Rufeng would take the opportunity to inform, but Liu Rufeng casually asked the monk Jiufang: "Master, what are the three treasures of the White Horse Temple?" Monk Jiufang said with a smile, "There are three treasures in the White Horse Temple. The first is the secret book of martial arts, the Yang Finger. The second is the pure Yang ring in Lao Na's hand. The third is the two boundary stones, which are the secret keys to open the Nine Heavens and Two Heavens. These are not for outsiders, but some of them are not evil. Lao Na also trusts some of them." Liu Rufeng suddenly smiled and said, "Well, Master, can we take a look at the two boundary stones of your temple?" Xiao Se and Jiufang frowned at the same time, if not three people got the appreciation of Jiufang monks, I'm afraid this unreasonable request has now been sent back to Luoyang City by Jiufang Yiyang, but Liu Rufeng's performance is very strange, these intelligent NPCs seem to be suspicious. Jiu Fa, what did you do about the two boundary stones? Monk Jiufang said in a deep voice. Jiu Fa shook his head desperately. There was no doubt that there was no silver here. Jiu Fang frowned and talked with several people. He went straight to the big Buddha statue in the front yard. Liu Rufeng let Langxufei catch the little monk and follow Master Jiufang to the front hall, and found that the monk Jiufang was standing in front of the Buddha with a strange face. Liu Rufeng came to the front of the Buddha and saw a half-blue and half-yellow stone beside the rosin jar, with the words "two boundary stones" in the middle, and could not help but move in his heart. This is not a super BOSS play out, and Liu Rufeng feel strange,inflatable amusement park, specific where strange he can not say. Blue Dragon Frost patted his head at this time: "Rufeng, there is something wrong with this stone!"! The yellow side and the blue side are the opposite! Then he turned out his two boundary stones from his bag and compared them. There was no difference between the two stones except that the yellow and blue sides were around the three characters of the two boundary stones. As soon as Jiufa saw the stone, he couldn't help exclaiming: "Why is the stone stolen by that man in your hands?" 。

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