Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

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03 January 2023

To get so many things, of course, Tianyu is very sincere to thank. Prince Zola smiled and said, "This is what you deserve. Wait a minute. Let Alice accompany you to take out the title of Duke." Tianyu opened his mouth and said in surprise, "Do you still want to take the exam?" Prince Zola laughed and said, "Of course, that's the rule.". No one can change it. Tianyu, how many women do you have now? Tianyu said vaguely: "There are more than a dozen!" Prince Zola clapped his hands and said with a smile, "That's quite a lot!"! What do you think of this girl Alice? Are you interested? Tianyu nodded and said, "Alice is so beautiful that men are interested in her." Zuo La looked left and right, then put his head close to him. Said softly: "Anyway, you already have so many women, a few more, it does not matter!"! Wait a minute, I will introduce my youngest and most beautiful daughter to you, and you can accept her too! Tianyu said with a strong smile, "That's not very good!"! The boy's present status seems to be too high to climb your majesty's daughter! Zola said with a straight face, "You are Thomas's brother. I can see you now. You are already a member of my Augustinian family. This is my family's badge. Now it is officially issued to you. Thomas doesn't have this badge yet.". Tianyu, in the future, in my fief, you can do whatever you want, and others will not provoke you. Tianyu exclaimed in his heart, "Is I really so popular?"? "The higher the rank, the more polite people seem to be to Lao Tzu." "Come here. It's really right. It's really a cool word." When Zola saw Tianyu accepting the badge, he said casually, "Tianyu,metal racking systems, let me remind you that my little daughter is spoiled by me. You should pay more attention to discipline her in the future. Well, I have something to do. I'll go first. Alice will come soon. You wait for her here for a while." With that, the guy patted Tianyu on the shoulder and disappeared. Sure enough, soon, Alice appeared in front of Tianyu with a girl who looked like the best. The girl was dressed in a very attractive miniskirt, and her upper body was a tight dress that showed her charming figure, and her skin was better than snow. Tianyu admitted that his vision was already very high, but when he saw the girl, he couldn't help looking at her thighs. To Tianyu's surprise,warehouse storage racks, as soon as the girl appeared, she snorted, and her tall jade legs swept across Tianyu's waist. Tianyu stepped back and shouted, "What are you doing, little girl?" The girl did not answer and continued to attack Tianyu, while Alice stood aside with a smile. This Nizi unexpectedly did not wear armor, Tianyu is not good to assemble the dragon armor. Although there is a feeling to help, but this Nizi's skill is almost the same as Alice, much stronger than Tianyu, soon, Tianyu can't stand it, while fighting and shouting: "Killing is just for the point, at least give a reason first!" Finally, the girl spoke, and her voice was quite pleasant. You've made Alice bleed, and I'll make you spit three times. Tianyu was speechless for a moment and held on for another minute. Tianyu felt that her hand was about to be kicked off. This girl moved very fast, but the energy on her feet was just right. It only made Tianyu feel pain, but it would not really hurt Tianyu's body. The night moon was in high spirits when suddenly the guy who was shouting in front of her disappeared. The girl was surprised by this change. The girl shouted, Automated warehouse systems ,shuttle rack system, "Liu Tianyu, are you a man?"! Run away unexpectedly, come out to this young lady quickly. Tianyu then moved to another yard, rolled up his sleeves, and saw that the walls were all black. He untied his clothes, and it was all over his body, and of course it was all over his legs. He couldn't help whispering, "If you want to call a girl like Lao Tzu's hand, you might as well kill Lao Tzu!"! Granny, this girl is so cruel. I haven't been beaten so badly for more than a hundred years. It hurts so much. Little girl, you wait, gentleman revenge, ten years is not too late, one day, Lao Tzu will press you under the body, wantonly play with, hey, this little girl that thigh, really is not covered, chest is also big, blood clan woman, will not be this kind of best goods! Granny, now, Lao Tzu's strength is really weak! Chapter 431 momentum like a rainbow. After the night moon lost her temper, she saw that the fellow had not come out. She turned around and said to Alice with a charming smile, "Alice, I have avenged you. You must keep your word!"! When will you give me fifty dragon balls? Alice waved her hand and said, "We agreed that you would beat Liu Tianyu to beg for mercy. Now it seems that I haven't heard this guy beg for mercy." Tianyu sat on the grass, listening to the conversation between the two girls. He gritted his teeth and said, "If you want me to beg for mercy, next life!"! But Lao Tzu is immortal now, that's impossible, grandma, even Alice this girl is so hateful, even hired a murderer to beat people, hum, one day, Lao Tzu will also give this girl pressure under the body, a good vent. The two girls talked for a while. Seeing that Tianyu had not come out yet, Alice raised her voice slightly and said, "Tianyu, come out!"! Don't you have to take the Marquis test? Let's go now! At this time, Tianyu's voice rang, "Well, I'll go there now. Alice, you told the little girl not to touch her. I let her just now, or.." When the night moon heard this, her body disappeared at once. Tianyu is saying, suddenly see a beautiful woman appear in front of him, a seductive jade leg sweeps over again. As Tianyu retreated, he concentrated all his thoughts and feelings, and used the unique skill of folding your mother, which had not been used for a long time, to bang his fist on the lower abdomen of the night moon. With Tianyu's skill at this time, in this way, at least there are nearly one hundred thousand jins of strength, although this kind of attack does not have any substantial harm to this Nizi,teardrop pallet racking, but suddenly such a force hit this Nizi body, also makes this beautiful woman fly out very quickly. As it happened, Alice teleported over and saw this.

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