The Jade Sword slays the dragon

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At noon, Hua Tianqiu bought a few herbs and came back. When he was about to arrive at his residence, he was suddenly confronted by two fat monks. One of the fat monks was dressed in a yellow cloth monk's robe. He held the rhinoceros horn in his left hand and made a bang with his index finger in his right hand. "Wu Wu Wu" knocked on the rhinoceros horn like a wooden fish. He sang: "Lingxi is connected with the heart of heaven. Life and death are in the palm of my hand. It's hard to As soon as Hua Tianqiu's heart moved, another monk in a red monk's robe pointed to the antelope's horn and sang: "The antelope's horn is gone, and the broken iron shoes are nowhere to be found. The Buddha's light shines on all things, and the miraculous hand brings back spring to the world." When the two monks came to sing together, Hua Tianqiu thought to himself, "These two monks must have some background. Listening to the meaning of his song, it is clear that they have great ability to cure diseases." As the saying goes, Hua Tianqiu hurriedly sought medical advice because his mother was seriously ill, and when he saw that the two monks were holding rhinoceros and antelope, he went up to ask the flood, "The two eminent monks have invited me. I'm Hua Tianqiu only because my mother is suffering from a chancre. But I don't know if the two eminent monks can cure the disease." Hearing this, the monk in red laughed and said, "It's not a monk's boast. No matter what kind of incurable disease you have, as long as you are examined by us, the medicine will cure the disease." When Hua Tianqiu heard that he had this means, he led the way and led the two monks back to their residence. Shaoxia Ban Yicong hadn't come back yet, and Hua's mother had just fallen asleep. Tian Qiu Fang was waiting for his sister Jiahui to wake her up. The two monks shook their hands to stop the girl and whispered, "Don't disturb her. Bring a glass of wine, and the monk will mix some elixir for her." Tian Qiu went out to buy wine with a cup in his hand. The fat monk in red smiled slyly at the yellow-clad monk and said, "Elder Martial Brother,Carbon in Pulp, how are these two female Bodhisattvas better than the ones that Lao Shaomao picked up in those days?" Miss Jiahui had long felt that the eyes of the two monks in front of her were not straight, and when she heard him say this, she could not help wondering. At this moment, Elder Martial Brother Huang Yi suddenly said in a deep voice, "Younger Martial Brother, don't compare at random. They are for the sword, and we are for the fate. How can they be mentioned in the same breath?" The monk in red sneered and said, Humph! Ruthless is the sword,tin beneficiation plant, love is the fate, when you old Shaomao that sad things all forget it? "" The monk in yellow suddenly stopped the Younger Martial Brother from going on, saying, "Who cares?"! We monks and Taoists are different from each other. It's better to cure the benefactress. Before he had finished speaking, Hua Tianqiu came in from the outside with a cup of hot wine. The two monks took out their knives, scraped off some powder from the rhinoceros and antelope horns in their hands, and threw it into the cup. "When your mother wakes up later," they said, "just take the wine." By this time, Ban Yicong had already come back from the outside. He was stunned to see the two monks. Hua Tianqiu hurriedly introduced the three of them. Mrs. Fen suddenly woke up and heard that the two monks had given them the magic medicine for the rhinoceros antelope. She looked at the two monks in gratitude and said to herself, "These two monks have greedy faces. How can they be so kind?" At this time, the two monks said that they had something to retire, and Ban Yicong and Hua Tianqiu naturally did their best to send each other. After the two monks went, Ban Yicong and Hua Tianqiu hurried back and heard Fen's wife say: "Now that Huier has seen the two monks scrape off the bones and horns of the rhinoceros and antelope, we are much more suspicious, but we have failed to live up to their good intentions!" As soon as Hua Tianqiu heard this, Carbon in Pulp ,chrome washing machine, he knew that his mother and younger sister were suspicious of the two monks. "It's not that the boy was careless and asked someone to diagnose and take medicine for his mother," he said hurriedly. "There's really a lack of real medicinal materials in the raw medicine shop near here, especially the precious ones, which are not credible at all. The two monks hold the bone horns of rhinoceros and claim to be able to cure diseases. The boy was anxious to see his mother get well, so he invited her in. When Miss Jiahui was about to say something, Ban Yicong said, "Although the two monks are acting suspiciously, there are three of us here. As long as we are careful, I don't think it's anything. Come on, let me taste the medicinal liquor he used first." He was about to take a cup of medicine. Jiahui hurriedly grabbed the cup and said, "Our mother is ill. Although I'm not filial as a daughter, I can't let Brother Cong taste the soup for me." He took a sip of the cup and said, "It's not bad. It tastes like ordinary wine." He raised his glass to his mother's lips and slowly took it for her. After Mrs. Fen took it, she felt calm and comfortable. She turned to Tian Qiu and said with a smile, "It's rare that the filial piety of the enemy has touched heaven. The medicinal liquor of these two monks is really a bit.." Before he had finished speaking, he heard the sound of horses' hooves outside, the wild shouts outside the shop, and the voices of the people were chaotic. Ban Yicong was stunned and said, "This place is desolate. Where did so many people come from?" Then he went out. Hua Tianqiu said to Jiahui, "Sister, take care of your mother. I'll go outside with you." The backhand withdraws the shoulder behind the sword, the quick step follows the class Yi Cong to come out. The two of them went outside without looking at it, and when they looked at it, their lungs almost exploded! It turned out that a group of Jin soldiers, armed with knives and guns, were robbing houses in the street, robbing things and killing people. There were still a dozen fierce monks inside, one by one with a ferocious look, dragging a young woman and forcing her to go with them on horseback. Ban Yicong and Hua Tianqiu were just young. Seeing such a violent and illegal thing, they suddenly got angry and shouted, "What a bastard monk! He is in the company of a golden dog. He robbed a good woman under the blue sky and the white sun. Did he eat the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard?" The two of them withdrew their swords from their hands and rushed forward to wield their swords like a rainbow. The two monks, who were dragging the young woman, suddenly cried out and fell down. With this move, the Jin soldiers and the fierce monks were all surprised and shocked. When they saw that they were two young men, they were all angry and inexplicable. Three or four Jin soldiers shouted with swords and spears, and attacked Hua Tianqiu and Ban Yicong. Shaoxia Ban Yicong let out a long roar, and the sword rainbow rose. Four Jin soldiers immediately spattered blood and fell off their horses. Several others came up to attack, and Hua Tianqiu killed them with his sword. One of the monks, a monk with rat ears and a black mouth, saw that Ban and Hua were very skillful. He raised his arms and shouted, "Side by side, feed them with dark green. Don't let these two boys escape." Ban Yicong was shocked and hurriedly said to Hua Tianqiu, "Open that young woman quickly and wait for me to clean up these scoundrels." When Hua Tianqiu came forward, the fierce monk's hidden weapon shot over like a storm. As soon as Ban Yi Cong was in a hurry, he displayed his "ever-changing" posture and quickly grabbed a dozen Jin soldiers and pounded them to Hua Tianqiu and the young woman. But listening to the repeated cries, more than ten Jin soldiers were shot by the fierce monk's hidden weapon, "plop" and fell to the ground one after another. Hua Tianqiu stepped forward and picked up the young woman and jumped into a nearby house. At this time, Ban Yicong pulled down a fierce monk's cassock and attacked the hidden weapon. His sword was like a rainbow. In a twinkling of an eye, he had killed all the Jin soldiers. As soon as the rat-eared black-mouthed fierce monk,gold cil machine, who was giving orders, saw that it was not the end of the road, he quietly wiped his head and ran away.

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