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"You won't understand. The King of the Golden Face is the venerable one. This mask is the hand of the divine craftsman. It is said that this golden mask cannot be inhabited by a virtuous person. Three generations of descendants are all virtuous people. You have a good face. This divine mask belongs to you.." Ruthless iron seems to be in a dream, which would have thought that there would be so many processes, he unconsciously took out the face of the king, the golden light flashed, Hawana suddenly knelt down, trembling way: "My Lord, please accept the worship of the maidservant." Ruthless iron hurriedly shook his hand way: "Get up, get up, girl, this." In a flash, the white-haired old man Hado knelt on the ground at an unknown time, and he said respectfully: "Fortunately, the honor of the king has reappeared in Jianghu." Iron merciless hurriedly way: "Laozhang, please get up." Hadow bowed his head and said: "Thank you, master, old slave Hado will always follow you." He stood up,Magnesium Oxide powder, respectfully stood there, iron ruthless side suddenly more than the father and daughter, really do not know how to do, said: "Ha old man, I know too little about the honor of the king, you are so sudden,Magnesium Oxide price, I really do not know how to say." Hadow sighed and said: "Born as a divine thing, I choose the Lord to live in. I'm afraid the young Lord doesn't understand the origin of the honor of the king. The honor of the king comes from the desert. It is said that this thing flowed out from the royal family of Dali and fell into the hands of the first generation of master Haha'er. He created the name of the King's honor in the desert frontier with this face of the King's honor, and did a lot of moving things. The old slave Ha's family accepted the grace of Haha'er's old The slave who swore to be the king forever, the second generation master Nuhachi carried forward the prestige of the king. Nuhachi disappeared in the desert for no reason, and the king's honor also disappeared. Unexpectedly, 36 friends of the blood alliance suddenly found this batch of gold, followed by the king's honor. Maybe it's all God's will.. Iron merciless sigh a way: "I can't believe there are so many twists and turns in this golden mask." Hadow respectfully track: "The King's Honor still has a King's Sword, which is still kept in the hands of the old slave. Since the young Lord has the King's Honor, he must have seen the secret of the King's Divine Skill. If the two cooperate, the young Lord will be invincible in the world.." Iron ruthless Leng Leng tunnel: "Where does that come from." Hadow sighed: "Providence, Providence." Liu Canyang > > Suo Ming Whip Chapter III It was a stone room made of marble. It was dark in the room. There was not even a lamp. The Excalibur was slanted on the stone table. Although there was no light in the room, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, the scabbard of the Excalibur was shining. A powerful dragon was sitting on the scabbard. The bronze hilt was wrapped with a gold bar guard. The iron merciless dark praised a good sword. Hado said excitedly: "You must practice your internal skills and swordsmanship well during the July 7th period here.   That fast posture was really rare in Wulin. The jumping figure quickly fell, only to see a strange old man with long hair, red eyes and a face like ancient jade standing in front of the iron merciless. Hadow cold tunnel: "Soren, you are so haunting." Sauron was the old man's name. He was a demon of the desert, a master of good and evil, the best killer in his life, and a genuine lone traveler. Soren stared and said: "Hadow, this is your master." Hado snorted a track: "Not bad." Soren hey hey tunnel: "The gold mask has fallen into his hand." Nodded, iron ruthless cold tunnel: "It's in my hand." Soren stretched out his hand and said: "Give me-" Ruthless iron a Zheng way: Why should I give it to you? Soren looked up to the sky with a loud laugh and said: "The King of the Golden Face is a thing of our desert. Every winner must come from the brother of the desert. You don't belong to that place. Naturally, you shouldn't have it. I, Sauron,calcium nitrate sol, am a Walker of the desert. I came thousands of miles away to recover it. I didn't want to kill when I first came to the Central Plains. If you are smart, hey, send it up obediently." Iron merciless frown way:. stargrace-magnesite.com

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