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06 January 2023

Holding his breath, he refined the strands of divine consciousness and penetrated into the mountains and rivers composed of thousands of stones. The March of divinity has become extremely difficult! Ten thousand heavy stones seem to be really special. His divine consciousness penetrates ordinary stones easily, but it is like being tied by countless ropes to penetrate into the mountains and rivers. Every time he penetrates, he has to exert a lot of soul power. He did not give up, secretly gritted his teeth, and was still good at internal penetration. After a long time, his mind was shocked and his face became extremely wonderful! His divinity entered the mountains and rivers formed by ten thousand stones, but suddenly found that there were hundreds of dense lines inside the mountains and rivers! Thumb-thick lines, glittering, glittering, like spider webs spread over the mountains and the chalk center, filled in every internal corner of the stone. Yiran is a mysterious and abstruse spirit array pattern! However, the array map was broken, and many thumb-thick crystal lines were broken, which made the array map stop flowing and become incomplete. A wisp of divine consciousness was withdrawn. Shiyan's face was extremely heavy. He took a deep breath and said, "Inside the mountains and rivers, there is a pattern. It has been damaged." Many giant clans, with a shock, a face of incredible. They have been living in Gulan Star for many years, but they have never found this wonderful place. How could they expect that the home where they live actually contains wonders? They were extremely surprised. I can try to fix it. Shi Yan hesitated for a moment and spoke again. The crowd's eyes suddenly lit up. PS: Looks like double, ask for the next monthly ticket ~ ~ (To be continued) Chapter 903 repair the ancient array (for a monthly ticket!!) For the giants, there are a lot of surprises today. First a thousand folds of lotus, then ten thousand stones, and now the discovery of the mysterious ancient array, do not, this ancient orchid star once had a great wonder? The giants have been living on Koran for tens of thousands of years. For such a long time, they have explored the surface of the stars several times because of their own limitations, but they still haven't found anything wonderful. ( m) Shiyan, who knows the profound meaning of space, because of the amazing penetration of divine consciousness and the intention to live in Gulan Star for a long time, spares no effort to grope around and find many wonderful places for him. This makes the people of the giant race, very happy. For anyone,Nail production machine, if he knows that his home has treasures, it is a happy thing, and the giants naturally can not avoid vulgarity. Especially, the giant race is short of materials, life is not rich, as soon as they find themselves with a treasure, sitting on a treasure land, of course, happy. Can you try to fix it? Can you really? Naxin was so happy that he hurried forward. He held out a friendly finger and patted him on the shoulder. "Good job. I knew Xiaoyanzi would be the lucky star of my clan. You really didn't let me down. Xiaoman brought you back to my clan. This child is really a good guy, ha ha." Many of the people of the giant clan are also smiling and happy. The broken array can be connected by divine power. I'll try it. Shi Yan felt it carefully and said, "I need some time." "Haha, you can toss about casually. There is a lot of time. The least bad thing for us is time." Tangxin's face is full of smiles. Jester and Li Xiao are also quite excited and secretly excited. To be sure, there must be something wonderful about this ancient orchid star, otherwise it would not be in the mountains. There is a damaged secret array C inside. There is a secret array, which means that once there was a life in Gulan Star, and even lived for a long time. The older the existence is, the stronger the realm, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, cultivation and strength are, and the deeper the understanding of the world will be. If their wonder can be found, it is a good news for all the people of Koran. People of all ethnic groups from the Fiery Star Domain and the Land of Divine Grace have just arrived. If they have the possibility of getting a treasure, it will help them to quickly gain a foothold in the Mara Star Domain and even live a good life. m This is an opportunity. Close your eyes, press one hand on the dark stone, the rock's divine consciousness is constantly condensed, quietly infiltrating into the mountains. The stones inside. He cultivated the power of space, the divine consciousness with the power of space, the profound meaning of power, and the most wonderful kind of divine consciousness. The same is true, the giants can not detect the land of induction, but he can. It has nothing to do with the level of the realm, but with the difference of the profound meaning. The special space profound meaning is mysterious and mysterious, and it is an extremely rare talent in any star field. The condensed divinity slowly penetrates into the stone, which spreads all over the mountain like a spider web. Inside the array map, suddenly clear up, reflected in the center of his knowledge of the sea, as complicated and unpredictable as the star map. Kilometers of mountains.. The stones inside are very large, and the lines of Lingtu are thousands of strands, crisscrossing and connecting with each other. There are dozens of silk threads, which are cut off by some force, but the distance of connection is not enough. He could not see through the mystery of Lingtu, nor could he imitate it, but if he only repaired it, it would not be difficult for him. He is also an extraordinary alchemist, who has deeply understood all kinds of patterns in the key points of alchemy, and has unique insights into the mystery of brackets restoration. Divinity as the introduction, gradually winding to the two broken line mouth, with the power of space to penetrate ten thousand stones, suddenly force! The divine power of a wisp of pure power, like a snake, seeps in, following the connection of divine consciousness, slowly moving towards the fracture, a few seconds later, the divine power, like mucus, pulls two silk threads at a fracture, secretly exerting force, pulling closer a little bit.. It's really not particularly difficult. Soon, there was a sound of reflection into the soul, and the broken lines were twisted by his divine consciousness and power. Shi Yan looked excited and showed a smile on his face. Without too much rest, he concentrated on continuing to act, constantly releasing divine power, using divine consciousness as an introduction to find the breaking point, secretly connecting C. Time goes by in a hurry In the snap of a finger, ten days passed, the giant clan and Jester, Li Xiao and others, are still in the side, seriously looking at C. About this discovery, the giants are very cautious,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, before the matter is not determined, all stay, no one left. (724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-typed novel m).

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