The misfortune of the emperor of Qin

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15 January 2023

At the same time, the white shadow in front of her eyes flashed, and Qin Ming, who was in a fierce battle, gave up the attack and swooped toward her. Just that call, did not reach his ears, but into his heart, but also let him suddenly alert, only to find that Ren Chujing was no longer in his arms. Qin Yue immediately also sensed the situation of Ren Chujing, the line of sight toward the direction of the foot, was about to fly forward to rescue, but see Qin Ming has been one step ahead, rushed to her side. With a flash of red light in his bloody eyes, he hardly thought much about it, and the snow sword in his hand stabbed the man with his back to him. The big cold hand grasped her and lifted her up, and at the same time, with a random wave of the other hand, the ghost hand in the pool of blood disappeared in an instant. Although his hand has no temperature, at the moment it has given Ren Chujing infinite strength, the limbs that were about to be unable to move have instantly returned to normal, with his strength, hands and feet climbed onto Qin Ming. The sound of the sharp blade piercing the eardrum, looking back from Qin Ming's shoulder, but just saw Qin Yue's sword quickly stabbed down, the tip of the sword straight to Qin Ming's heart. There was no time to make a sound to remind, see Qin Ming slightly a flash,Pallet rack supplier, but is still a slow step, snow sword such as rainbow, through his body, only a moment, the chest came a cold piercing pain. At that moment, without thinking, she waved her hand and patted the approaching Qin Yue. The glare was dazzling, and for a moment, nothing could be seen clearly, only the tearing pain in the chest gradually spread,warehouse rack manufacturer, and the strength of the whole body seemed to be taken away by the pain, unable to support it any longer. Consciousness hazy, only feel the strength of the waist tight, that is Qin Ming's arm. The strong sense of falling made her whole body lose its center of gravity, as if she had fallen into an abyss, and the whole person became light, as if a gust of wind could blow her to an unknown distance. She must be in the sword, must be dying, and Qin Ming also. Although the consciousness began to be scattered, the scene of the sword piercing Qin Ming's body was clearly imprinted in her mind, which also made her hand grasp more tightly. Go home, little witch. A low murmur sounded in her ear, his voice, the last voice she heard. Then the pain tore everything apart and threw her into the bottomless darkness. Pain, unprecedented pain. Ren Chujing moved her body slightly, trying to get rid of the pain, but this movement, on the contrary, long span shelving ,heavy duty racking system, made the pain worse, and also made her original vague consciousness gradually wake up. What's the matter? It was just so so when I gave birth to Ying'er and Ying'er, but this time the pain seemed to come from my chest. Imperial sister-in-law! A sudden call sounded in the ear, let her subconsciously frowned, so noisy! Who was so rude as to make a sudden noise to frighten her? However, this action did not seem to deter, but rather made the owner of the voice more excited, shouting: "Wake up, wake up, she frowned, too doctor!" Ear immediately a hurry, I do not know how many people's footsteps rushed toward her here, although not too much noise, but the feeling of being stared at by countless pairs of eyes made her feel uncomfortable. Happiness (99) What's wrong with her? Are you sick? Feeling the light in front of her eyes, she tried to open her eyelids, which seemed to stick together. After several attempts, she finally opened her eyes slowly. The curtain set up by the blue gauze man is very familiar, which is in the bedroom of the "Qianqiu Palace". Why is it not in "Qingfeng Waterside Pavilion"? Why is she lying here? Looking at the bed again, Cher looked at herself with a happy face. Next to her were Xiao Mo and several old doctors who were diagnosing her pulse. Cher looked haggard, eyes still hidden tears, although the small foam looks good, but also a look of relief. Ren Chujing tried to recall what had happened, she clearly remembered that she had escaped from the palace, but also met Qin Ming in the Enchanted Valley. However, after a fierce battle with Qin Yue, he could not remember anything. Could it be that she was injured? She only remembered that she used the energy of the ring to help a little. Why did her chest hurt so much? Sister-in-law, you've finally woken up. How do you feel? What's wrong with it? Without waiting for the doctor's diagnosis, Cher saw that she had opened her eyes and couldn't wait to ask questions. Where is the emperor? Seeing so many people around the bed, but not seeing Qin Ming alone, Ren Chujing suddenly felt a little uneasy. She only remembered that the situation was very bloody and terrible, but she could not remember what happened later. Is Qin Ming injured? Where is he now? As soon as she woke up, she asked Qin Ming. Cher's eyebrows sank slightly. Then she gave her a relieved smile and said, "Don't worry. Brother Huang is only in Qingfeng Waterside Pavilion for a retreat. Because your body needs recuperation and treatment, he asked someone to send you to Qianqiu Palace for a temporary stay." Hearing what she said, Ren Chujing was not at ease, but even more worried. She had lived in the palace for so many years that she knew everything about the palace. Even if you want to retreat, Qin Ming will also pick a leisurely period, this time, he is out of the palace for the matter of Qin Yue, how can a retreat back to the palace? What's more, in the past she was a little uncomfortable, Qin Ming would accompany her, now, she seems to be hurt is not light, how can he leave her to retreat at this time? However, in the face of a room full of imperial physicians, palace maids, and chamberlains, Ren Chujing was also smart enough not to ask much. Although Biluo is a special country, not as complicated as the ancient empire, it is not simple either. As an emperor, his safety is tied to the world, once there is any adverse rumors revealed, the whole country is also likely to cause turmoil and influence. What happened to him? If even the face is not convenient to show, it must be very serious. The empress suffers from internal injuries, and her constitution is too weak, so she must take good care of herself to avoid leaving the root of the disease. I'm going to write a prescription for the empress. After the diagnosis,Warehouse storage racks, the Imperial Physician reported truthfully and interrupted Ren Chujing's meditation. You all go down, here is accompanied by Cher and Xiao Mo. Although the breath is weak, her tone does not show the slightest emotion to send the room full of people.

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