Acura Female Doctor: Abandoned Women with Babies Are Arrogant

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Upward heart, innocent, the people of southern Xinjiang are not destroyed, very good! "Lady, if things go on like this, will they have internal strife?" Little Cui was also frightened by the passion of the common people in this city to strive for the upper reaches. She stood beside her wife and opened her mouth cautiously, quite worried. If so, you will go and kill all the people who are fighting among themselves, leaving no one behind! Gu Changsheng raised her eyes slightly and opened her mouth in a deep voice. She can tolerate the people have the heart of fame, but, but do not allow the wind of internal strife, otherwise, will mess up all her deployment! When Xiao Cui heard her wife's words, she answered and turned to walk out of the inn. A moment later, there was an infighting in the city. It was two small families, one man, who robbed the other woman of her work, which robbed her of the opportunity to perform! What's more, a man robbed it? Therefore, the woman who was robbed alive, immediately summoned out of the insect, although not a great insect, but also enough for a strong man to drink a pot! Things just jump up. Who doesn't have a few men? Now that the emperor has issued an edict, men can also rely on their abilities, even if some people do not want the men in the family to appear in public, but watching other men come out, it can not sit still! Men snatch the credit, it is also their own, in line with this idea,garden jacuzzi tub, more and more people have a face, have released men! Was this man bullied by another witch? That's all right! A little dispute quickly brewed into a confrontation between the two families! All of a sudden, the men and women of the two families were fighting together! Small Cui got the news, saw the chaotic scene in front of him, without saying a word, the dagger dropped, the figure turned into a dark red streamer, and rushed to the two families who were entangled. No matter men or women, one knife cuts off the throat, one does not stay! Blood again filled the streets that had just been washed clean. Both families still covered their necks with blood and trembled on the ground. Everything,5 person hot tub, but in the blink of an eye, this woman dressed in dark red clothes, took more than 30 lives of the two families in dispute! In the twinkling of an eye, the onlookers were tongue-tied, silent and afraid to move! "Xu Er and others strive for the best, who Xu Er and others can fight among themselves under the rule of the emperor?" Small Cui took a glance at the corpse on the ground, and the bottom of her eyes crossed a sharp touch. Chapter 585 the challenge is issued to deter the eight cities. "This is a warning, the emperor Lord Xu Er and other capable people get power, is to remember the Buddha has the virtue of good life, can not bear the people's lives!"! The power of the Phoenix Emperor is not to be desecrated! If there is a next time, whether small chaos or chaos, Red Rock City, all people, kill without mercy! After saying this, Xiao Cui put away the dagger in her hand and turned to disappear in the street, leaving only a shadow. The crowd of onlookers, trembling at the sight of more than thirty corpses, swallowed saliva in fear. Kill. Kill without mercy! Phoenix emperor's maidservant, the first time to shout out these three words, red rock city one hundred thousand garrison, whirlpool bathtub ,whirlpool hot tub spa, thirty thousand subordinate subjects, were slaughtered. Now, the red rock city rivers of blood smell has not dispersed, they were blinded by greed, forget the phoenix emperor's thunderous killing decisive! The power of the Phoenix Emperor is not to be desecrated! Kill without mercy! This sentence, resounded through the hearts of the people, was quickly spread! All of a sudden, although the Red Rock City is still moving all over the city, very busy, but people look at the eyes of the inn, can not help but with boundless awe! There, there is the Phoenix Emperor of Southern Xinjiang!  In the first battle of Hongyan Mountain, Gu Changsheng had a lingering fear. The pain of gouging out the flesh and removing the bone, and the wound of excessive blood loss were still there. Now that all the dust has settled, she is really tired. Red rock city has Gu Changsheng the phoenix emperor in the inn, the gate of the city center closed resplendent mansion, but was forgotten, the remaining subjects, unprecedented active repair of the city, because, if no accident, the power of the city, will be divided up by the remaining subjects of them,endless pool factory, out of the supreme position of the Lord left to the red rock family, The rest are opportunities for them to become famous and make a name for themselves! This city belongs to the people! A city of their own! It was given to them by their royal master, a city where the mighty might have power.

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