Royal beast cultivates immortals

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06 January 2023

Xuelun walked slowly to the prayer stone, still with a quiet smile on his face, and began to recite softly and slowly. The tone is not slow, solemn and solemn, but the voice is so nice. The faces of His Holiness and the eight cardinals were no more relaxed now than they had just been, but there was a faint sadness that could not be erased. It's not like Dad is dead. What are you doing with a sad face? Qin Jian glanced at the Pope and others and muttered in his heart. Durex pulled his clothes behind Qin Jian, and when the Lord turned his head, he saw Durex's elder sister nibbling her lips, frowning slightly, and showing a sense of heartache in all kinds of amorous feelings. What's the matter? Qin Jian asked softly. I heard.. To pray to God, we must pay for the life of the purest girl! "What?" Qin Jian could not hold back an exclamation, and his eyes widened. The exclamation of the Lord drew the gaze of the Pope and the eight cardinals, and the girls looked at him. What's wrong? Make it clear. Qin Jian glanced at the saint still standing in front of the prayer stone praying devoutly and turned to ask Durex. It's just a rumor. After all, the Vatican can't even pray to God once in hundreds of years. But as soon as you need to do that. It must be at the cost of the saint's life! Durex could not bear to look at Sharon,tube lip gloss, who was standing there chanting softly. Is it true? The girls are different, too. Rumors, just rumors! Durex has no evidence, and he has a guilty conscience. It's true. His Holiness came slowly on the other side and said softly. The old man has downwind ears and can hear such a low voice. Damn it. Isn't that cruel? Qin Jian was inexplicably distressed. Not like that Xuelun, although the saint has its own amorous feelings and tranquility,empty cosmetic tubes, but Qin Jian's side of the girl which is not worse than her. I just feel that it's not worth paying for the life of such a girl for such an illusory and groundless miracle. This is the fate of the saint! His Holiness gave a wry smile. "Not only her, but several of us standing here have given everything to the God of Light.". The prayer stone is a channel that can communicate directly with God, but only the purest person can open this channel. Lord, look at us old guys. Can we be considered pure? If possible. I would like to pray in person! The Pope's words are neither true nor false. At least he has done enough superficial work. Qin Jian was dumb for a moment. Is the end of the prayer. Is she really going to die? Qin Jian now understood why the cardinal looked like a dead father. This is the price! The Pope did not answer Qin Jian's question directly, but the answer was enough. Damn it, tell her to stop praying. I'll try again! Qin Jian said that he was about to go up and pull Xuelun down, and several archbishops in red brushed in front of him. Lord, please calm down! You do this. It not only desecrates the faith in Xuelun's heart, but also is rude to the holy mountain! Faith! It's a strange thing in this world! Just as the orcs believe in Odin, the God of war, metal cosmetic tubes ,cosmetic tube packaging, and the dwarves believe in Hostorus, the God of craftsmen, each race values its faith more than its own life. For example, Qin Jian scolded the Pope, "I *** your mother!"! His Holiness is probably just angry. And if Qin Jian scolds the old mother of my sunshine God. You will be attacked by all the people in the Vatican, no matter who you are. Yes, Xuelun knew that she would die if she went up to pray, but when she stepped forward, she still had a quiet smile on her face. She was willing, and her belief in God was fanatical! At this time, the prayer entered a passionate stage. The speed of Xuelun's recitation is getting faster and faster. The sound grew louder and louder, and the whole holy mountain seemed to echo with this clear and quiet recitation. A wave of elements came out from the prayer stone, and the colorful light became more and more dazzling. I don't know if it will work! His Holiness stroked the book over and over again, and his palms were covered with sweat. In historical records, there are indeed several times when the holy woman prayed and asked the God of Light to answer difficult questions. But the success rate is not high! Once successful, the desired answer will appear on the prayer stone, so the Pope and the eight archbishops have now fully focused on the prayer stone, waiting to see if there will be any changes. And God said, Enough! Suddenly, a magnetic and deep voice rang in everyone's ears. His Holiness looked back and saw that the Lord of Siberia had a serious face and empty eyes, and then he trembled all over, shaking like an epileptic. The girls were frightened and ran to Qin Jian's side. Epilepsy came and went quickly, and in an instant Qin Jian restored his original state, but his body gushed out a surging and vast elemental power. His Holiness and the eight archbishops looked at each other and did not know what had happened. But this surging elemental power makes everyone tremble with fear. In full view of the public, Qin Jian gently touched the ground, and his body jumped onto the prayer stone like duckweed. His Holiness and the eight archbishops changed their faces! This is the most precious thing of the holy mountain, and it is also the thing that no one is allowed to defile! Before they could launch an attack, Qin Jian smiled. "Believers of God, why don't you worship me when you see me?" Worship? The Pope and the eight cardinals looked at each other in complete bewilderment. What's the matter? You pray at the cost of the purest woman's life, don't you want me to help you solve the problem? Now a trace of my soul is possessed by this young man, and seeing him is like seeing me! His Holiness swallowed and winked at the eight archbishops. My Lord. Flanders and Qin Jian are the most familiar, and now they don't know what to do when they see this battle. Everyone is not a fool,pump tube, this human ten is fooling people, but in the name of the God of light, what if he is not fooling people? Stop it! It was rather embarrassing for Flanders to say this.

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