The road to immortality

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15 January 2023

The smile on Zou Xianshi's face became clearer and clearer, and it seemed that he had already known the people in the tornado ahead of time. Bing Weifang's heart jumped and she found that the man in the sky was Zhang Heng, who had fallen asleep with her not long ago. Did he come to save me. Ours? Bing Wei's white and glittering face was filled with joy, but when she thought of Zhang Heng's performance in the Palace of Heroes that day, her expression suddenly dimmed. A weak wind blew with the arrival of Zhang Heng. Zhang Heng is like a magic soldier from heaven. Stepping on the constantly rotating wind, he stood quietly in front of Zou Xianshi and others. Master Zhang, are you here to take us out? Ling Tianchong and Zhang Heng folded their fists and showed gratitude on their faces. Zhang Daoyou, a few days apart. You're back so soon. Zou Xianshi looked at Zhang Heng in the sky and unconsciously used the honorific title in his heart. My teacher came to the palace in person today, in order that several other immortals in the palace and others can take the opportunity to escape from the palace. Zhang Heng's face was indifferent, and his gentle voice reached the ears of more than a dozen people present. Zou Xianshi and others are stunned, listening to each other's words, its main purpose is not to rescue themselves and others. Zhang Daoyou, you have to think clearly. There are so many immortals in this palace. It's good that you can get us out of here. Zou Xianshi felt that this matter was inappropriate, so he advised. Zhang Heng's slightly indifferent eyes passed over the faces of more than a dozen people one by one: "Zhang Mou's words have been finished.". You should take care of yourself. Speaking of this,Narrow aisle rack, the tornado around Zhang Heng suddenly blew up. Carrying him off into the distance. What does he mean. Xing Wu shook his head. He seemed to want to defeat the four immortals in the palace with the strength of one man. Ling Tian said hesitantly. Zou Xianshi quieted down and finally said, "We should gather together.". Don't dream of running away first. If Master Zhang can really pin down the four immortals. We'll make plans. "Can he do it." Bing Wei gazed at Zhang Heng, who was flying away with the strong wind, and she was worried. Immortal Master Zou said thoughtfully, "In the realm of cultivating immortals,radio shuttle racking, as long as the strength is strong enough, it is not impossible to defeat four with one.". Since Zhang Xianshi has this determination, I think there must be some certainty. Just then, three immortals flew in from the other directions of the palace. They were Zhuge Immortal, Tiger Immortal, and Yu Sanniang. At the same time, a large number of palace guards began to come here, and many martial arts masters were also lurking in the dark. The three immortals saw Zhang Heng's figure from a distance and dared not approach him without authorization. They gathered together to discuss it. Is the other side a monk in the foundation period? Even if the three of us go together, we're not sure. It's better to wait for the senior ghost teacher to come. Yu Sanniang felt the breath coming from the direction of Zhang Heng, and she was a little afraid. Of the three immortals in the palace, Industrial pallet rack ,Steel racking system, Yu Sanniang was the weakest, and she had a kind of fear in her mind when she faced a monk who was one level higher than herself. Although there is a legend of leapfrogging challenges in the realm of cultivating immortals, it is definitely not what these casual practitioners can do. Master Zhuge, what do you think we should do? Tiger Immortal Master cast his eyes on Zhuge Immortal Master's face. Zhuge Xianshi is the oldest of the three immortals, and he also has an unknown secret. We should leave the palace of Qi Wei tonight. Zhuge Xianshi sighed lightly, the feather fan in his hand was flowing with a pure blue light, and his eyes were shining with wise light. Why did Zhuge Xianshi say that? Isn't there a senior ghost teacher? The Tiger Immortal Master said in surprise. Have the three of you discussed it? Zhang Heng's indifferent voice came, and he dispersed the wind all over his body, and his body flew like a sharp arrow in the direction of the three immortals in the palace. Now that the immortal master of Wangfu has been drawn out, Zhang Heng's goal has been achieved! "Zhang gave you three a chance to swear that you would not contribute to the palace.". Otherwise, the three of you will not be able to leave the palace alive. Zhang Heng stood more than a hundred feet away from the three people in the air, and did not make further pressure. Looking at Zhang Heng, who was full of confidence in the distance, Wang Fu Xian Shi looked at each other. What to do? Zhuge Xianshi? Yu Sanniang was in a hurry. The man's tone is very loud. Zhuge Xianshi's face instead showed a gentle smile. "Why don't we hold him off for a while?" The tiger immortal teacher suggested. I don't have the patience to grind with you. Zhang Heng's eyes flashed with cold brilliance, his mouth opened, and a tiny crescent-shaped spirit wrapped in a silver light flew out of his body. Hum! Lingqi Yueshang twinkled with a cold light, and in the blink of an eye, it became a crescent-like Lingqi as long as four or five feet. That Is it the best spirit. The Tiger Immortal Master's eyes were full of fear and greed. This is the spirit of life! As soon as Zhuge Xianshi waved his feather fan, he was like a weightless feather, ready to flee to the palace. Make a quick decision! Zhang Heng stepped on the moon and flew in the direction of the three immortals with a whoosh. The distance of more than a hundred Zhangs, under the speed of Zhang Heng's full control of the moon, only a few breaths of kung fu arrived. The tiger immortal teacher and Yu Sanniang were stunned by Zhang Heng's terrible speed, and when they reacted, Zhang Heng had already flown to a distance of less than 100 meters. Run fast The two men flew in different directions, and Zhuge Xianshi had already flown a hundred meters away. Can you run? Zhang Heng sneered, a flash of silver on his hand, a thin silver edge like a cicada's wing cut through the air, and in an instant he shot in front of the slowest Yu Sanniang. Yu Sanniang was too late to hide and hurriedly put down the Reiki shield of luck. Click, click, click! Yu Sanniang's body fell from the sky. A monk in the early stage of Qi refining was like a mole ant in front of Zhang Heng. Zhuge Xianshi and Tiger Xianshi, who had already escaped for some distance, could naturally perceive the scene behind them, and the speed of escape could not help speeding up a few minutes. You're next! Zhang Heng pointed to Zhuge Xianshi,heavy duty warehouse rack, who ran the fastest, and the moonlight at his feet flashed, and he rushed in the direction of Zhuge Xianshi. Chapter 158 the king could not bear to kill him.

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