The Beginning of the End of Crossing the Four Immortals

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We first arrived in Jimo, before listening to the elders said Siqing wandering around a lot, is really worthy of the name, Siqing friends, just to Jimo met an acquaintance Xia yuanchen, after listening to Xia yuanchen, the fox fairy living in the mountains often play tricks on the people, I feel very strange, since how can the earth fairy do this?  With the help of Yueling, we arrived at the place where Fox Mitaro lived in an instant, just as Xia yuanchen fainted by magic, Siqing and Yueling drew their swords and jumped up, looking at Siqing's swordsmanship, I faintly felt that Siqing was not as simple as we thought, her almost flawless swordsmanship, the kind of pure cold breath around her body. Let me feel that this is only part of the strength of Siqing, and most of them are not hidden, with the smooth sword dance,Mechanical fine screen, you can know, it seems that after going back, if she is willing, I have to learn swordsmanship from her. Suddenly, the moon Ling and think of the green back, think of the green half kneeling on the ground spitting blood, at that time, I, Lingsha, Tianhe, dream glass four people are scared to brush white face, do not know how to return a responsibility, in the moon Ling and fox three Taro's dialogue I just know, think of green actually in the'plum blossom curse ', so I can not help but think of not met the old I heard Shigong say that Martial Uncle Suying had also been hit by the Plum Blossom Curse. That kind of pain is not something that ordinary people can endure. But generally speaking, there are usually two people in the Plum Blossom Curse. If one of them suffers, the other one doesn't have to endure the pain. And I know one of them. Someone must have suffered for me. Soon looked at think green casually wipe off the blood around his mouth, and then rushed up, I and the Milky Way they are also ready to join the battle, fine bubble diffuser ,filter nozzle, at this time the fox three divided into six, also do not know which one is the real body, but I do not know why, think green and Ling unexpectedly points clearly, gradually I found that think green remind that there is blood on the body, it seems that think green deliberately left on the fox three, Quietly told the Milky Way, dream glass and Lingsha, in this way, we soon defeated the fox three, but the curse on the body of Siqing still broke out, I do not know why I gave birth to a kind of guilt, suddenly, Yueling like a changed person, full of murderous look, several of us do not know why. Later, Yue Ling explained that Hu San not only used his resentment to inspire the'Plum Blossom Curse ', but also poisoned Siqing with cold.  Our lanterns were all light pink, while hers were pure white. Sure enough, our expectation was confirmed by the comments of the people around us. It was a lantern for the dead. The more names on it, the more people she missed. I also had no intention to sweep, as the villagers said, the lantern was almost full of names, but because it was a hurried sweep, I did not see what was written, but she watched so many people around her die, it should be very painful, but she buried her emotions like this,lamella tube, after a long time, she figured it out, no wonder she could see so thoroughly.

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