Beg the devil

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Also need to add the power of self-explosion, but this power, the need is different from the cultivation of the beast, the higher the cultivation, the greater the power of self-explosion. Su Ming smiled at the corners of his mouth and suddenly stood up. This Dan is called Che Tao Dan! (To be continued). If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. More than eighty thousand kinds of Dan Fang for the Crying Tao herd have finally been refined by me! Su Ming took a deep breath, his eyes fell on the stone door, and in a flash, he stepped forward, raised his right hand, and pressed the stone door again. Almost as soon as his right hand touched the stone door, the stone door roared,push back racking system, and the light filaments on it, which spread outward like spider webs with light blue spots as the center, suddenly contracted at that moment until they contracted into a point and turned into a light blue whirlpool. At the same time, a grain of stone scattered out of the whirlpool, floating in front of Su Ming, these stone scattered, is Su Ming a long time ago sacrifice, but also he in the illusory space, used to test, and an endless number of medicinal stones. But obviously, this time the medicine stone is no longer endless, but only these. But for Su Ming, even if there is no endless provision, it does not matter at all, he has found the perfect ratio, once can be refined successfully. Eyes swept over these stones, Su Ming raised his right hand, immediately took out a stone of medicine, crushed it and only took its skin, then took another elixir, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,asrs warehouse, crushed it and took three of it, and so on, in a variety of complex ways, Su Ming finally tried out the formula according to himself, in the flame of his right hand out of thin air, half an hour later, very skillfully refined a.. Che Tao Dan. The elixir was bright red like blood and looked shocking, as if it was not an elixir, but a blood cell. The evil breath came out of the elixir, and it had a strong sweet flavor, volatilizing around. This sweet, if you smell it at first, you will be intoxicated, but if you smell a few more mouthfuls, then it will become an uncontrollable vomiting in the body, as if to spit out all the internal organs. Che Tao, Sumou is back. Su Ming's eyes showed a touch of murder, his body shook, turned into a rainbow and left the passage in an instant, left the second mountain, left. Debris space. …… Outside the Shenyuan Star Sea, there is a starry sky with bright stars and rivers from time to time. The sound of a baby-like roar rises and falls one after another, echoing in all directions. If you can have a bird's eye view of this place, you can clearly see that there are more than one hundred thousand beasts crying here. Ten, one hundred or even more than a thousand beasts crying here are crazy, greedy and bloody. Thirteen war boats were surrounded by more than one hundred thousand howling beasts. In the roar and madness, these howling beasts were attacking the thirteen war boats again and again. They were blocked by thousands of monks, who looked tired and had different injuries, but they did not flinch at all, but gritted their teeth and insisted, even if they were about to run out, even if the magic weapon was broken, even if there was no hope. But they're still here. The nine old men of the underworld, who had closed their eyes, now opened their eyes, and the white awn came out of their eyes. The cultivation of the nine old men had reached the late stage of the world. They surrounded the nine directions of the thirteen battle boats, and tried their best to resist the impact from the crying beast. Had it not been for the nine of them, the beast would have swooped down and drowned the thirteen boats and all the monks. But even so, still under the impact of the beast, the monks were constantly killed, their bodies were torn open by the beast, in front of all the monks, directly bite and devour, dismember and eat. The bloody scene, with a shock, but also with a ray of despair. Catwoman's speed, now has spread to her acme, with its speed, around the thirteen battle boats, again and again to resolve the crisis, again and again with its killing relaxation pressure. Again and again to guard the boat, let it burst out can destroy all the pillars of light, but. Every time those light pillars are blasted out, they can only destroy the fog of the crying beasts, but can not hurt their bodies. After all, there are too many howling beasts. The number of more than 100,000 may not be so great, but if you really see it, it is boundless. In the distance, there are two eight thousand feet of crying waves, in the roar, the whole body emits towering fog, the fog is like a real wave,metal racking systems, bombarding all directions, in front of them, it is.. Xu Hui has seventeen figures.

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