My Royal Guards.

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03 January 2023

Yang Ye, as the head of the bodyguard, arranged for the princess before he remembered that the Royal Guards were traveling with them. In his impression, the Royal Guards are ruthless, and most people had better not offend them. The backyard of the temple was divided into two parts, east and west, and in order to take care of the princess, Guangping Wangfu occupied the best terrain in the east and distributed the dilapidated houses in the west to the Royal Guards. This kind of behavior, in fact, is very offensive. When Yang Ye took his subordinates to the past, the Royal Guards set up tents in an orderly manner. Because there is not enough accommodation. Yang Ye asked politely, "where is Lord Shen?" A young man with a round face appeared behind him with firewood in his arms. "Lord Shen is interrogating the fugitive. What are you asking him to do?"? Want to spy? "Of course not!" Yang Ye was frightened, how dare he spy on the Royal Guards? I'm making amends to Lord Shen on behalf of the princess. I've wronged all of you. "Oh, your princess has a lot of face. Send a minion to make amends?" “……” Never heard of the reason for the princess to apologize in person, the other side is clearly deliberately finding fault. These Royal Guards are too cold and hard, Yang Ye can not carry, can only retreat. After waiting for him to take a person to go, the shoulder of round-faced youth is put on an arm, the person that come speaks is low tone of voice,Fiberglass tape measure, the voice has magnetism very much, "Xiao Luo, power and prestige." "Lord Shen!" Luo Fan discovered that someone appeared quietly behind him and giggled, "I just scared him, no bad intentions.". They all know that we are Royal Guards, even a house without doors and windows are not given, thanks to the princess but also to you. Hey,Walking measuring wheel, hey. Shen Yan lowered his long black eyelashes. "Don't talk nonsense." Several Royal Guards instantly became interested: "This is not nonsense!"! Princess Changle is about to write her mind on her face! "Lord Shen, I think the princess really likes you, so you can follow him!" Shen Yan looked up at the sky, and the clouds on the horizon were dark and thick-someone was brazenly admiring him, and everyone could see it clearly, but he still remembered her lips that night. I can still feel her fragrance on my cheeks. While the brothers were chatting, Shen Yan's five senses were released, and he noticed that someone was poking his head behind the half-moon door, which was covered by rattan and wood. He walked over, his steps were light, and he was already standing behind the other side, and the other side did not notice. Leaning against the cave door, the two little girls talked with their heads down. Shen Yan had an outstanding memory, tape measure clip ,fish measuring tape, and although he had only seen one side, he still recognized at a glance that these were the two most dazzling maids of Princess Changle. Lingxi Lingbi is having a heated discussion: "The princess asked us to find Lord Shen. Did she take a fancy to Lord Shen?" "It must have been Lord Shen who seduced our princess first." When did you seduce him? I didn't know.. But Lord Shen looks like that, and he can't keep it at first sight. "Lord Shen, the man surnamed Yun wants to drink water. Will you give it to him?" In the circle of Royal Guards in twos and threes, Luo Fan disappeared Shen Yan in a twinkling of an eye and could not help shouting at the top of his voice. Lingxi and Lingbi, two gossiping girls, were frightened to shake their shoulders. What frightened them even more was that Shen Yan's voice sounded behind them, "No." "Yes!" Luo Fan answered loudly. Shen, Lord Shen.   Do you have the heart to make her sad, my Lord?" "Have the heart." “……” As soon as Lingbi choked, I didn't expect Lord Shen to be so hard-hearted. The two girls also tried to persuade Shen Yan. Shen Yan said, "It's getting late. The brothers are going to have dinner. Please go back." The two men looked out of the window doubtfully. "Dinner?"? Didn't you just have lunch? Shen Yan said, "Well,Fish measuring board, dinner is just an excuse. In fact, I don't want to waste time with you." "Then our princess." "I don't like to waste time." The two maids looked at each other in tears and said, "Lord Shen thinks it's a waste of time for the princess to ask for it.".

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