Observation Diary of Princess Syndrome (Reunion of Small Steamed Bun)

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03 January 2023

"She's paranoid. I don't blame you for that." Sheng Jinchang rubbed his temples hard and endured the increasingly strong dizziness in his brain. He knew that it was the effect of the drug. "But the things of our generation have nothing to do with children. Ziyu has been abandoned by me." You can't hurt the bug anymore. Sheng Jin often felt that his hands and feet were not obedient, his limbs were gradually numb, and his consciousness was gradually scattered. He forced his last breath, "Tell me where the bug is!" Yan Lixin asked the guard battalion to take a look at all the cameras in the compound. Not every place in the compound has a camera. The cameras are mainly distributed on the road. Following the pictures recorded by the cameras, we found that after the insect came out of Xiaoye's house this afternoon, he ran to the playground alone. After that, he never appeared in the camera picture again. Yan Lixin reacts to come over immediately, he is pointing to screen harsh voice: "Check well to me!"! What cars pass by here? A total of 236 vehicles passed through the playground in the five hours after the bug disappeared from the last camera. There are only two roads for vehicles to pass through the playground, and it takes eight seconds and twelve seconds for vehicles to pass through the two interval cameras normally. Several guards sat in front of the display screen, taking stock of the passing time of each car. Until Qin Yi suddenly opened his mouth: "Stop!" The picture on the screen immediately stopped, and there was a black Buick. Staring at the license plate of the car, Qin Yi frowned. Yan Lixin came over and took a look. He understood a little in his heart. He said in a deep voice, "Keep playing." The video continued to play, but it took five minutes for the black Buick to disappear from the previous camera's view before it appeared in the next camera's view. Qin Yi's face was so gloomy that it could drip water. "Go and call Zhu Songxuan to me!" Zhu Songxuan soon appeared in front of Qin Yi. As soon as he saw her,Lamella Plate Settler, Qin Yi didn't have an attack immediately. He just looked at her coldly and said, "What makes you so happy?"? Do you want to say it so we can all have fun together? As soon as the words came out, Zhu Songxuan realized that the joy on her face was too obvious. With this in mind, she shyly put away the smile on her face and explained in a low voice: "Sister, I can't come to see you with a sad face.." Qin Yi certainly knows what she is happy about,disc air diffuser, Huo Zheng had an accident in Lanzhou, isn't she the happiest one? Usually Qin Yi is willing to give this sister-in-law face in front of outsiders. First, she is not a harsh person. Second, in the eyes of outsiders, Zhu Songxuan is still a member of the Qin family. She has no face or the Qin family has no face. So Qin Yi usually educates Zhu Songxuan a few words in front of people, but never hits her in the face. But Qin Yi today is unable to endure, Huo Zheng is still lying in the hospital life and death is uncertain, this woman dares to light a fire in their own backyard. She was so angry that she snapped in front of everyone, "Zhu Songxuan, I'll tell you!"! With or without Huo Zheng, lamella clarifer ,Wall Penstocks, the Qin family is not your son's! Then Qin Yi held back his anger and dragged Zhu Songxuan to the front of the screen with one hand. "I ask you, is this your car?" As soon as Zhu Songxuan looked at this posture, she immediately reacted, and she trembled and answered, "." Yes Qin Yi pressed the fire and continued to ask, "At four o'clock yesterday afternoon.." Is that you in the car? Zhu Songxuan dared not lie: "Yes." "Your car was parked here for five minutes. What did you do for five minutes?" …… It didn't take much effort to pry the words out of Zhu Songxuan's mouth. According to Zhu Songxuan, she saw Qin Yi come here every day to amuse his grandson, and she was afraid that Qin Yi would really get back together with his eldest son because of this precious grandson. She knew Lin Yilan early in the morning and knew that Lin Yilan was the child's grandmother. Although she had always looked down on Lin Yilan, now she said she wanted to take the child back, which was an unexpected pleasure for Zhu Songxuan. Zhu Songxuan knew that Sheng Ziyu had fallen out with his family, and that the Sheng family had always wanted to take the child back. She thought to herself that if she could send the child back to the Sheng family, when Qin Yi could not see the child again, her feelings would fade slowly. After listening to her explanation, Qin Yi was angry and angry, only to feel that the woman in front of her was stupid and poisonous. She gritted her teeth and asked, "Where did you send the baby?!" Zhu Songxuan shook his head timidly. After I sent them out of the compound, I left them alone. "All right!" Qin Yi was so angry that he turned to the soldiers of the guard battalion on the spot. "Lock her up first!"! You can tell me what to do! When Sheng Jinchang woke up again, he was lying on a bed in a room. The TV in the room was playing cartoons, and the fat bug was sitting beside him watching TV. When Grandpa opened his eyes, the fat bug was surprised and said, "Grandpa!"! You're awake! Sheng Jinchang sat up and touched the fat guy beside him from top to bottom until he was sure he was all right. But after all still do not feel at ease, he is touching the head of fat bug, tremble voice asks: "Is bug abdomen hungry?"? Have you been bullied here? "No." Fat Bug broke his feet, "Grandma showed me Ding Ding Dang and asked me to wait for her to come back while watching." Then he looked up at Sheng Jinchang again: "Grandpa!"! I thought you weren't coming to pick me up with Grandma! Sheng Jinchang settled down, touched his face again, and said earnestly, "Bug, listen to Grandpa. She is not your grandmother." Fat bug bug is very confused: "What is that grandma?" Fat bug is only three years old, Sheng Jin often knows that he can't completely overthrow the fat guy's cognition in a short time, but some words, even if the child does not understand, he also wants to say: "Your grandmother.." He is a very kind and kind person. She's not your grandmother. She's the bad person who killed your grandmother. Sure enough,MBR reactor, the fat guy frowned, bit his finger and wondered, "Is Grandma a good person or a bad person?" Sheng Jinchang did not speak again. He hugged the fat bug in front of him and forced himself to calm down. khnwatertreatment.com

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