Both the woman and the man are he.

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06 January 2023

"Miss Nangong, here we are. This guest house is called'Kongcui '. It is clean and elegant. There is also a wide courtyard with a lot of Xiangzhu and vanilla, which are unique to Dongcheng. If you are interested, you can walk along the small bamboo path next to it." The maid introduced politely. Tang Li sat on the cushion placed in front of the window, listening to the birds outside, feeling the fresh wind blowing by her side, and relaxed a little. The maids sat on one side. She waved her hand and said in a gentle voice, "You don't have to stay here. Go down and have a rest, too." When she was left alone, she finally let out a slow breath, showing the color of exhaustion, and rubbed her temples. Xun landed gently under a tree in the courtyard, half across the courtyard, quietly looking at the man sitting by the window. Knowing that this could not be Tang Li, he could not help but follow, as if his body had its own consciousness, and when he came to his senses, people had come here. The man's face looked hazy in the sunlight, like a real dream, and for a moment he suspected that it was another dream. A few years ago, when she had just left, he often had a dream like this. As soon as he turned his head, he seemed to see her waving to him in the crowd. When he went to a strange place, he suddenly heard her voice. He looked over and saw a similar figure. After a closer look, he found that it was only an illusion. Even in the sandstorm of Mobei,wire nail machine manufacturers, her shadow had appeared. She always smiled, looked at him and left without any nostalgia. Now, five years later, he seldom thought of her again. Because he understood more and more year by year, the dead can not come back to life, he walked alone in this world every day, her body under the loess rotted, now I am afraid it has become a white bone, no longer what he remembered. The most beautiful things in one's life, such as morning dew,Coil Nail Making Machine, are always gone in the blink of an eye. It was a face that was particularly similar to Tang Li's, not only in appearance, but also in expression, especially in the eyebrows and eyes that stretched in a smile, which made him feel a dull pain all over his body. Xun turned his face and covered his forehead with force. His face was pale and his dark eyes were full of pain. This Nangong Qin, which is very similar to Tang Li, is like a sharp blade, cutting open his old wound and tearing out the bloody viscera inside. After standing for a long time, he finally put down his hand. He walked towards the man sitting there alone, jumped up gently like a leaf, and stood on the railing outside the window. His movements were light, his breathing was gentle, and even so close, Tang Li was still unaware of his presence. There was a tree in the courtyard, with unknown white flowers, probably almost past the flowering period, falling white all over the ground, wire nail making machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and also falling on the shoulders of Xun, like snow. A little flower whirled down from the branch, and he reached out to catch it in a trance. When he came to his senses, he let go and let it continue to fly. Originally, it should have landed on the railing, but Tang Li, sitting by the window, did not know if she had noticed something, and suddenly reached out and caught the white flower. She did not seem to expect that something would fall into her hands, so she took back her hand and touched it, and found that it was a flower. She smiled on her face and sniffed the flower on her nose. Xun looked at her, and for a moment he had a very strong idea in his heart that this was Tang Li. His heart, which had been silent for a long time, suddenly moved because of this shallow smile. Only when he had seen Tang Li laugh like this, would he have this feeling. But his eyes were only blurred for a moment, and soon became Pure Brightness. Xun suddenly felt unable to look directly at this face, tiptoe a little, jumped up the flower tree, and immediately disappeared. Tang Li leaned against the railing with flowers in her hands and looked at the courtyard with godless eyes, not knowing that there was a man standing beside her. In the evening, Yu Wenjin, as the host, will entertain visitors from Nancheng. Tang Li is naturally dressed up to attend, even if the relationship between Dongcheng and Nancheng is not good, but the face still has to do the etiquette. When Tang Li was seated, Yu Wenjin had already arrived. He said with a smile, "Tonight is a small banquet for all the visitors from Nancheng. You don't have to be restrained. You can do whatever you want." This time in addition to Tang Li, there is a confidant of Nangong Xian, named Qiu Tu, to take care of the name to accompany Tang Li came together, at this time also at the table, and Yu Wenjin greetings. Seeing that there was still an empty seat on Yuwen Jin's side, he asked casually, "Why is there still an empty seat? This seat is so important. I don't know who is Lord Yuwen?" Yu Wenjin's tone is relaxed and casual: "He is a friend of mine, but his character is different from that of ordinary people. He doesn't like this kind of lively banquet. He doesn't show up at this time. He probably doesn't want to come again this time." Qiu Tu also had a smile on his face, but he couldn't hide the inquiry in his eyes. "I heard a rumor that the legendary swordsman Xun befriended Lord Yuwen and appeared in Dongcheng recently. Could it be that the friend Lord Yuwen said was this one?" Before Yu Wenjin opened his mouth, he heard a sound of broken porcelain. He looked at it in surprise and saw that Nangong Qin, who had painted his head, had lost his temper and swept away a porcelain cup. He thought it was because Nangong Qin couldn't see. He accidentally dropped the cup. Just as he was about to call someone to rearrange it for her, he heard her ask, "Xun?"? I don't know which one? Even if it has been suppressed, people can still see her excitement at this time. Yu Wenjin is surprised, see this Nangong Qin before, calm and dignified impression is deep, how to behave like this now? He could not help but think of brother Xun's strange appearance when he saw her earlier, and his heart moved, and his eyes were even more curious. Qiu Tu is also strange in the reaction of Nangong Qin, as far as he knows, Nangong Qin should have no intersection with that Xun, but her performance now is not like. Both sides are confused, only Tang Li tried to restrain herself, she did not expect to suddenly hear the name of Xun here, thought it would take a long time to get his news, who knows it may be around. She waited anxiously and nervously for an answer, and at that moment a figure entered the hall. When Yu Wenjin saw the man, his eyes lit up and he called out,Nail machine supplier, "Brother Xun, you're just in time. We were just talking about you." Tang Li's breath stagnated and her face turned to the door, hating for the first time how she couldn't see. Is it? ' 。

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