Zhong Tian Wen said she wanted to proclaim herself emperor.

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03 January 2023

The next day her fever subsided,Chinese spa manufacturer, and she got up early in the morning to drink a bowl of gruel and eat two vegetarian steamed buns. But when she recalled what happened yesterday, she cried out in fear again. Hearing her daughter's intermittent complaints, parents do not know how to comfort her. What they can do is to accompany their daughter and let her cry at ease. At noon, it seemed that the danger had gone, and the deserted streets were once again lively. Only fewer people came out, less than 1/10 of the past. Many shops are not open and are still closed to thank customers. Little her father went out to inquire about the news, surprised to learn that the county master was killed. Not only that, the grain in the warehouse was also robbed. Someone went over to have a look, and there was not even a bean left in it. Everyone was shocked to hear that the county magistrate had been killed. What about patrol? Where did the patrol go? "There are more than 400 people under the three inspectors, but not one of them has appeared, right?" "According to a classmate of my brother-in-law's father-in-law's son, all the inspectors have been killed." "Impossible. How could a man with a knife and leather armor be killed?" "They were indeed killed, endless pool swim spa ,endless swimming pool, and none of them were left, otherwise the mud legs would not have rushed to the county town." "How was the inspector killed?" What else can I do? He was beaten to death with a random stick! "What?" "Don't believe it. What's the use of more than 400 people when thousands of people rush up?" "My God, what are we going to do?" "Salad." "Not good, not good, the sword and armor in the warehouse are gone."  Yun Qingliu tidied up and hid in another place. After that, as if nothing had happened, he lay in bed and fell asleep. Early the next morning, a group of people did not say anything, how did not ask, continue to live their own plain life. Soon after, the village chief, who felt that the situation had subsided, sent someone out to inquire about the news. Only then did they discover that all the people in the rebellious villages had run away, leaving no one behind. As for where he went,massage bathtub manufacturers, who knows? After the time of a wick of incense, Yun Qingliu found that some people in the village ran out, and only in the evening did they run back with big bags and small bags. monalisa.com

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