Inverse Dragon Road _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise

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03 January 2023

Rinehart saw that things were not good, hurriedly jumped out of the cabin, hurriedly ran to Ann's side, one hand grabbed Ann's arm. Small. Say 。 T/X/t days. Don Chapter 4 God's Nest welcomes you. "Oh.." Acridine. Cough. Ann, you stop it! Five adult priests were pushed out of the cabin by a child like a rolling hydrangea ball, rolling on the ground in a mess. Unrelenting pursuit of them, do not shake their fists, do not kick, but from time to time a hard pinch on their bodies, immediately can hear these white priests issued as "beautiful" sound as killing sheep. Rinehart saw that things were not good, hurriedly jumped out of the cabin, hurriedly ran to Ann's side, one hand grabbed Ann's arm. Ann, stop. What are you doing? We should respect priests and never beat them. Ann, why don't you hurry up and apologize to the priests? What are you doing? Stop it, stop it! Ann's hand was raised high, and Rinehart looked like a monkey hanging on a branch, with two short legs pedaling constantly, looking very embarrassed. He jumped out of the cabin, covered his mouth tightly with his little hand, and suddenly called out from his throat: "Rinehart.." Be careful! A girl's heart is always sensitive, especially a girl who is weak but cold. Rinehart left a very good impression on her, so when some crisis came,Wheel tape measure, she would subconsciously let Rinehart dodge, as for the "rude, barbaric" Ann, he had long forgotten who he was! Suddenly stupefied, Rinehart thought: "Be careful?"? Be careful of what? The back of his neck suddenly tightened, and he was lifted high by a man. Then, he saw a hazy golden light flashing, and Anna's strong body,Horse weight lbs, like a ball hit by a train, flew seven or eight meters away with a'whoosh '. The children gawked as Ann was blown away by a sudden dark shadow. Ann struggled to get up from the ground, a wisp of blood hanging from the corners of her mouth, and howled feebly: "Who, who is so strong?"? Damn thing, than, than the last three thousand pounds of the bear is much more powerful! Damn thing, ah! A stuffy hum, the children did not see clearly what had happened, a series of crazy blows'bang bang bang 'came out, Ann had spat blood, fell heavily to the ground! Rinehart was gently and carefully placed on the ground, and a very strong but warm hand gently patted his head. A generous voice sounded slowly: "Rinehart?"? Yes, I have seen your picture, and you are really a good boy! The priest of this church in white is the object that you must respect now. The lower is absolutely not allowed to offend the upper. This is the rule of the divine court. No one can offend. Turning his head, Rinehart saw a tall, Diameter tape measure ,horse weight tape, middle-aged man with a slight beard and yellow hair. His robe was the same as Sidos's, but it was silvery white, and although the mountains and lands around him were gray and gloomy, he stood here with great dignity and grandeur. Feeling Rinehart's gaze, the middle-aged man bowed slightly and said with a smile, "Children, I am Hal, Bishop of the Second Class White Church, the host of the Lair of God." After slapping Rinehart on the head again, Hal bowed deeply: "Welcome to the lair of God!"!  To tell you frankly, the so-called God's nest is the place where God may appear! You are all the elite selected by God,cattle weight tape, and you are extremely rare geniuses among more than ten billion people in the whole earth race! You, through your own efforts, perhaps you may become gods! Receive the divine name and power bestowed by the Supreme God! 。

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