How to Make Wall Decals With Cricut: A Stepwise Guide

Isn’t it a great feeling when you buy a house with your savings? If yes, then you will also agree that decorating it with yourself adds a personal touch. Last year, I bought a house for my family, and I still remember the tears of pride in their eyes. If you’ve recently purchased or plan to renovate it, you must learn how to make wall decals with Cricut.

Ever since I started using the Cricut machine, I have learned a lot of things related to crafting, which has not only brushed up my skills but also increased my knowledge. But the customized wall decals are a project I would love to create from my Cricut machine. These wall stickers are made of removable adhesive vinyl in any size, shape, and color.

Inside this blog, you will find all the primary details about supplies and the process of designing a Cricut wall decal.

Which Cricut Supplies Do I Need to Make Wall Decal?

Before diving into the crafting world on how to make wall decals with Cricut, let’s talk about the supplies required to make this craft. As a crafter, I advise you to be careful while using each tool in this project. Have a look at the below pointers to know about the names of the supplies:

  • Cricut cutting machine
  • Cricut Design Space
  • Roll of vinyl
  • Cutting mat
  • Weeding tool
  • Scraper tool
  • Transfer tape

It’s time to introduce you to the method in which all of these supplies are going to play a vital role for the crafter.

How to Make Wall Decals With Cricut: 5 Basic Steps

In this section of the blog, you will learn about the steps included while performing how to make a wall decal with Cricut. Ensure that you don’t jump any step while going through the information:

Step 1: Creating a Design on the Cricut App

Start by opening the Cricut Design Space app and selecting the Upload option. After that, choose a flower design from the gallery and tick the Add to Canvas option. Now, select the design and resize it as per your choice. Following this, change the color of your flower design from the color dropbox. Once done, tap the Make It option to reach the Preview Mat page.

How to Make Wall Decals With Cricut: A Stepwise Guide

Step 2: Cutting the Cricut Vinyl

Next, select the Without Mat > Continue option and then choose the Without Mat option in the Material Load Type dropbox. Then, set the pressure to Default and check whether the tools you use with the craft plotter are compatible.

How to Make Wall Decals With Cricut: A Stepwise Guide

At this point, on how to make wall decals with Cricut, unbox your Cricut cutting machine and insert a piece of vinyl inside the machine. Hit the Go flashing before you, and your craft plotter will instantly cut the materials.

How to Make Wall Decals With Cricut: A Stepwise Guide

When the cutting process ends, unload your material from your cut-die machine and keep it aside.

Step 3: Weeding Out Your Flower Design

Take your Cricut weeding tool to perform this step and remove the material from the design. It would be best to carefully remove the extra pieces of vinyl from the design with the Cricut weeder tool.

How to Make Wall Decals With Cricut: A Stepwise Guide

Step 4: Apply Transfer Tape to the Design

After weeding the extra pieces of vinyl, paste the circle in the middle of the flower and cover the entire design with transfer tape. Use the Cricut scraper tool to apply the tape over the whole design properly.

How to Make Wall Decals With Cricut: A Stepwise Guide

Step 5: Applying Your Design to the Wall

Remove the backing from your design and place it on the wall. Now, apply the design on the wall, use the scraper tool, and settle the design properly on the wall. Wait for free minutes, then slowly remove the transfer tape from the design. Here you go! Your wall is now decorated with floral designs.

How to Make Wall Decals With Cricut: A Stepwise Guide


Wasn’t it fun to learn how to make wall decals with Cricut and redesign your wall with something new? Keep growing by learning something new, and take advantage of opportunities to show off your talent. Apart from that, you can also make and sell various sizes of wall decals and make lots of money with them. I wish you all the best for your future and keep doing new projects that can increase your knowledge and make you touch the skies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Kind of Cricut Vinyl Should I Use for Wall Decals?

Answer: Most crafters recommend using removable vinyl while making customized wall decals. They are temporary, can be removed easily without damaging the wall, and can be made quickly. Besides that, these vinyls are cost-efficient and can be placed on the wall without hassles. You can buy this Cricut material from Cricut’s official portal or nearby stores.

Question: Does Cricut Removable Vinyl Stick to the Wall?

Answer: Cricut removable vinyl easily sticks to the wall and comes with strong adhesive. These vinyls are water-friendly, long-lasting, and don’t leave any stain on the wall. They are perfect for functions or applying it on the wall. The removable vinyl can be used for projects such as wall decals, labels, stickers, etc.

Question: Is It Compulsory to Make Wall Decals in Cricut Design Space?

Answer: Yes, all the DIYers must make their respective devices on the Design Space app. Since all the cutting machines are compatible with this software only, without this software, the Cricut cutting machine won’t work and make your design on the materials. Other than that, while using the software, you will also get to choose various images, fonts, and customized projects.

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