E-Lins industrial 4G router helps solar power monitoring

E-Lins industrial 4G router helps solar power monitoring
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Solar energy is a green and energy-saving source of electricity. It has many advantages, such as environmental protection, durability, stability, and easy maintenance, so many industries use it. Solar energy is generally used outdoors, but there are many challenges in the outdoor environment, such as remote monitoring points, difficult power supply, expensive optical fiber lines, harsh weather, etc., and it is necessary to manage wind speed, rainfall, temperature and humidity, cameras and other equipment. E-Lins launched the industrial-grade H685 series single sim and H720 series dual sim 4G router.

In order to solve the problem of solar power supply monitoring, E-Lins has launched the H720 series industrial dual sim 4G router, which can directly access the Internet with a SIM card without laying optical fibers. The H720 series has a dual-card design, which makes the network more reliable. If one card is broken, the other card will automatically take over, and the load of the dual card is balanced.

E-Lins H685 industrial 4G router has 2 RJ45 Ethernet ports, which can be connected to the network or camera, and a serial port RS485/RS232, which can be connected to sensors and other equipment. An industrial 4G router can meet all the equipment connections of a solar-powered site requirements, and realize remote management of sensors and video surveillance. The H685 reaches IP30 protection level, which can adapt to harsh outdoor environments and work normally at temperatures ranging from -30°C to 70°C. It supports a 5V~40V DC wide voltage power supply, and automatically adjusts the voltage, so you don't have to worry about power problems.

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