What can a serial port do on a 4g router with sim slot

What can a serial port do on a 4g router with sim slot
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E-Lins industrial 4g router with sim slot has serial port, what can they do?

Serial port server is a networking device that connects two or more serial port devices through Ethernet. It can convert the serial port of RS232/422/485 into a TCP/IP network interface. It can realize two-way and transparent data transmission between the serial port of RS232/422/485 and the TCP/IP network interface, and provide the function of the serial port to Ethernet. The serial server is suitable for gate switches, computer room monitoring, large machine tools, injection molding machines, medical instruments, instruments, PLC industrial equipment and other Ethernet networking applications. Using the serial server can make the traditional equipment network, and is not controlled by the length of the physical cable, realize the long-distance data transmission.

In terms of application scenarios, the remote monitoring solution of the power system is used as an example

In the centralized installation area of electricity meters used for meter data reading and power grid quality testing, through the serial port connection of the serial port server and power monitoring equipment, power monitoring personnel can remotely monitor the running status of electricity meters, and timely respond to power abnormalities, realizing the information sharing platform.

In addition, the serial server is also suitable for medical, industrial automation, PLC, solar energy, smart home, access control system, building automatic control system and other industrial control and communication fields.

E-Lins industrial 4g router with sim slot supports RS232 and RS485 serial ports as optional functions. Please confirm before purchase if you need this function.


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