Wireless Communication Solution For Smart Factory System & E-Lins Router

Wireless Communication Solution For Smart Factory System & E-Lins Router
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The smart factory system is a factory model that uses industrial Internet of Things technology to interconnect and optimize all links in the manufacturing process. Smart factories require efficient industrial IoT gateways to collect, transmit and analyze data, which is the basis for smart factories to become intelligent.

E-Lins routers H685 and H720 series are industrial-grade IoT wireless communication routers specially designed for smart factories. They have the following features:

The H685 series router is an ultra-miniature body suitable for embedded applications. It supports a single card and a single module. Optional networks include 3G/4G/5G, etc. It supports VPN, SNMP, DDNS, DHCP, NAT/NAPT, Web and other functions, and can be connected directly. Serial devices, Ethernet devices and WIFI devices realize transparent data transmission and routing functions.

The H720 series dual sim 4g router is a dual-SIM dual-module, that supports a variety of network combinations to improve network stability, supports wireless dual-link intelligent switching backup function, provides 4 RJ45 LAN ports, optional WAN RJ45 port, WiFi, DTU serial port, GPS Positioning, built-in battery, video server and other functions are suitable for complex network environments and various application scenarios.

E-Lins router supports multiple configuration methods such as WEB/Console/NMS management system, and provides powerful central management software to facilitate device management. At the same time, it supports a variety of online and offline trigger modes, time planning modes, serial port data, and network data trigger online and offline modes.

E-Lins routers H685 and H720 series are ideal choices for smart factory systems, which can realize fast, reliable and secure transmission of data and promote the manufacturing industry to move towards intelligence and digitalization.

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