Cinema Ticket Machine Applied With 4G Router

Cinemas are usually settled after the completion of the construction of the shopping mall, and all the hardware matching has been completed. The biggest problem in the placement of self-service ticket picking machines in cinemas is the difficulty in network wiring. The cost of network access is high, the overall routing time cycle is also long. So the self-service ticket machine can be directly used with 4G router, easy access, simple construction, no need to apply for property broadband access. Unlimited deployment distance, short construction period, low equipment investment cost; The equipment distributed in various regions can be monitored, configured, upgraded, diagnosed, maintained and controlled online through the router management platform.

The data that the self-service ticket machine of cinema needs to be connected to the Internet generally include: data connection of the ticket system, promotional activity information on the screen, remote transmission of monitoring equipment, and access to more devices to read and upload data, such as two-dimensional code, membership card and other information. Therefore, the 4G wireless industrial router is used to connect with the router through the Ethernet interface, and the data is exchanged with the ticket collecting server in the way of SIM IoT connecting to the operator's 4G network to verify the information, issue the data and print the ticket.

The E-Lins 4g router with ethernet is an industrial-grade design with a watchdog and remote maintenance capabilities. The router is equipped with automatic disconnection reconnection, WAN port traffic detection and link recovery to ensure the normal data link. Can transmit the router's current GPS information, NMEA standard format;

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