How Wireless Communication Technology is Revolutionizing Digital Libraries

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With the application of wireless communication technology in digital libraries, the form of library self-service has undergone essential changes, realizing the integration of the Internet of Things, humanization, digitization, intelligence, and traditional libraries. technology deployment

The self-service library system has functions such as intelligent book search, customer self-service, security check, and automatic book return. The self-service library system needs to collect a lot of information, such as an online collection of book title information, book coding, book borrowing information tracking, data reading of transaction library cards, transaction information transmission and reporting, on-site video monitors, settlement of books returned by different machines, etc. These data need to be shared by multiple machines and cannot be stored locally. The networking solution of the self-service library system can use industrial routers to transmit data to the self-service library management server through RJ45 network ports, wifi, etc. The server processes transaction data and realizes management visualization through the PC control terminal.

Advantages of E-Lins industrial-grade dual sim 4g router solution

  • The digital transmission terminal is online 24 hours a day, realizing 24-hour "book lending service, borrowing, returning, and paying fees;
  • Centralized management of self-service libraries in decentralized arrangement, built-in GPS positioning in digital transmission terminals;
  • 4G high-speed network, transmission of video monitoring, image capture, and video forensics storage;
  • Remote upgrade and debugging, unattended, automatic alarm if damaged;
  • Fault detection, active reporting, and remote management for the internal components of the library's self-service machines;

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