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  2. lol

  3. My job offers that too

  4. I can't even begin to tell you how many times my partner's have their supply and demand planner out of whack.

  5. my daughters job gets pto for volunteer work... I had no idea companies could do that

  6. She sounds cute

  7. alright alright my mistake ladies

  8. it's 30% of job ?????? holy hell i had no clie

  9. More companies really to get up with the times and get better software to deal with all this inflation

  10. I can believe that

  11. thank you for sharing !!

  12. someone come get this man .........

  13. makes me think of my baby poppy !!!!!! she is a daschound mix that my son got me four years ago she is my heart and soul lol

  14. thank god above that i have my job because i dont know how i would apply for a new job

  15. wish more of them did it though but they dont ........................ very sad .