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  1. She sounds cute

  2. alright alright my mistake ladies

  3. it's 30% of job ?????? holy hell i had no clie

  4. More companies really to get up with the times and get better software to deal with all this inflation

  5. I can believe that

  6. thank you for sharing !!

  7. someone come get this man .........

  8. makes me think of my baby poppy !!!!!! she is a daschound mix that my son got me four years ago she is my heart and soul lol

  9. thank god above that i have my job because i dont know how i would apply for a new job

  10. wish more of them did it though but they dont ........................ very sad .


  12. No kidding! Check out the statistic in the infographic, "Nearly three in four employers (74%) say they've hired the wrong person for a position."

  13. Don't worry! An IP address is an actual thing, but it shouldn't be confused with IP as in intellectual property.

  14. "The high number of instances involving harassment and microaggressions against women in the workplace often go unreported, as 93% of women believe reporting these behaviors will negatively impact their careers."

    What a depressing statistic. This is why we need more women in senior levels to get our voices heard on creating a welcoming and safe work environment for women.

  15. "Between 2005 and 2018 alone, the number of at-home employees increased by 170%."

    That's crazy! And to think this was prior to the pandemic.

  16. When I was searching for a job during COVID, I used a habit tracker to keep me motivated and on track with applications. I totally recommend it!