Your Complete Guide To Breast Explant Surgery

Your Complete Guide To Breast Explant Surgery
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Breast augmentation or breast implant is a common surgery and several women undergo this surgery for their personal choices. Even though the procedure is so common, there are numerous situations when individuals may choose or need the breast implant pocket repair or remove the implant entirely. The removal of the implant is called breast explant surgery. 

In most of the cases, people choose breast removal because the scar tissues surrounding the implant stiffens, resulting in capsular contracture. And some other would want an explant surgery because they no more need an implant on their breasts. 

So in simple terms, breast explant is a surgery involving the removal of the breast implants. 

Why is such a breast implant removal required? 

First things first, we must emphasize on the fact that breast implants do not last for a lifetime. And as per the aficionados, whosoever gets a breast implant must remove or replace it every 10-15 years. Nevertheless, it is not a thumb rule, and you may not be recommended to get them removed if you haven’t had any complications with those implants. 

We have seen that most of the people go for breast implant removal because they notice a change in the shape of their breasts after reaping the benefits of breast augmentation procedure. Some changes in our lives are not in our control and you may need to change your breast implants due to your age, during your pregnancy, when you are breastfeeding, and when your weight changes. 

People who need to remove their breast implants

Many people have to remove their breast implants because they develop some medical conditions in their lives and so, getting those breast implants removed becomes a mandatory thing in their lives. 

We already discussed that the fundamental issue is always the hardening of the scar tissue that develops around the implant, which is also called capsular contracture. This condition becomes annoying and discomforting for the person bearing the implants. In many cases, the patient may go for breast implant pocket repair depending upon the condition.

Some other reasons due to which a person may need to remove the breast implants are: 

  • The moment your breast implants begin to leak.
  • There is some shifting in the position of the implant.
  • When there is a significant buildup of calcium across the implant.
  • When the person develops a rare cancer known as lymphoma. 

If you are someone having breast implants and facing some problems around the implants, it is time to take a call and get them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If you want help, we are here to help you. 

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