Explant Surgery with Fat Transfer: A Different Approach to Breast Implant Removal

Explant Surgery with Fat Transfer: A Different Approach to Breast Implant Removal
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As we age, our body changes. As our body changes, our preferences of how we appear and present ourselves in the public also changes. As simple as that, the body you want today may not be the same as the body you may want five or seven years down the line. While you were craving for a breast implant in your 20s and you have enjoyed flaunting those juicy breasts for so many years, now you feel it is time to remove them because somehow you feel you no longer need these. As you are older now, you just want to retain the natural and original shape of your breasts.
Given that, explant surgery may not be as easy as we just stated. It is a complex procedure and there are different approaches to it. Removing the breasts implants can go complicated. Over these years, your skin has adjusted to the presence of an external commodity and if you remove the implants today, your breasts may sag and it will look a bit deflated. One option to avoid this is to go for an explant surgery with fat transfer. It is a type of cosmetic surgery that will help the surgeon pick fat from some other part of the body and implant it in your breasts and create a lifted look. 

Understanding the procedure of explant surgery with fat transfer 

As we stated earlier, explant surgery with fat transfer is a procedure that removes breast implants first, and later uses the patient's own fat to reshape and contour the breasts. The procedure is completed by removing the breast implants along with scar tissues first and then using liposuction to remove fat from another area of the patient's body. The fat is processed and injected into the breasts to create a more natural look.

How this approach is different from the traditional explant surgery? 

During the traditional breast implant removal, the surgeon removes the implants and all the scar tissues surrounding the breasts without paying attention to how the breasts will look after the implants are removed. On the other hand, an explant surgery with fat transfer enables the surgeon to remove the implants and replace the hollow space with the patient’s fat to maintain a fuller and more natural look. In the latter approach, there is no room for allergies or infections because the surgeon is using the patient’s own fat.

Explant surgery with fat transfer has its own share of benefits over the traditional implant removal. A primary benefit is the ability to maintain a fuller appearance, and there is no risk of infections. 

To know more about explant surgery with fat transfer, reach out to us.

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