How Do My Breasts Look After An Explant Surgery?

How Do My Breasts Look After An Explant Surgery?
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04 November 2022

If you know what a breast implant surgery is, you know what an explant is as well. You love to enhance your breasts and so you take up breast implant in first place. However, many women get tired of the augmented look and remove their breast implants for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons that we come across are: 

  • They are not satisfied with the look of their breasts.
  • The implants are no longer needed.
  • The fabricated look is creating health concerns and they are advised to remove them. 

Whatever be the reason for you or someone else to go for a breast implant surgery, the breasts shall definitely look different after the surgery. We know you are eager to know the condition of your breasts after explant surgery and so, we are here with some expert tips. Let us unfold the mystery here. 

What happens during the explant surgery? 

When you are undergoing the breast explant surgery, which is also called breast removal, your doctor will remove the implant. He will actually remove the tissue layer, called a capsule formed around the breast. The technique is called En Bloc breast implant removal when this capsule can be removed in one piece with the implant remaining inside the capsule. 

The incisions during the surgery are made in the breast fold under the breast when en bloc is planned. This is done to add enough room and working space so that the capsule can be removed safely. 

The doctor will check the feasibility and as discussed earlier with the patient; the doctor will try to achieve maximum aesthetics of the breasts after the surgery. Although, the look will depend upon a number of factors such as the anatomy of the patient. For women who have b-cup or larger breast tissue, it is easier to get an aesthetic look. 

Before you get a breast explant surgery, you need to assess yourself under a specialist. 

Your breasts after explant surgery

Once the implants are removed, the volume of your breasts will reduce significantly. This can also cause several aesthetic implications: 

  • You may feel that your breasts are sagging and appear deflated.
  • Your breast skin looks loose or you can observe excessive wrinkles.
  • The Nipples and areolas point downwards.
  • The adherence and indentations to the muscle or rib cage will become evident. 

You need to be very careful with your breasts after the explant surgery is done. We will suggest that you follow the instructions of your doctor before taking a call.

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