All You Need to Know About Breast Explant Surgeries

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In this modern age, the whole concepts of breast implants and explants have gained an enormous amount of popularity. For those of you who do not know, breast explant procedures typically involve the removal of the breast implants while also making sure that a natural body profile is maintained. Contrary to popular belief, breast explant surgeries are much more complex in nature as they involve a lot more complexities.

This is mainly because scar tissues tend to significantly develop after most surgical procedures. Medical experts of this particular field having the necessary knowledge and skills, have performed hundreds and hundreds breast explant surgeries such as the explant surgery with fat grafting.

If you fall into the category of people who are a complete beginner in this field and have no knowledge whatsoever, in that case, this article is going to be very helpful for you as here we are going to give you a brief idea regarding the whole concept of breast explant surgeries.
When breast implants are removed, the pockets which were solely responsible for holding the breast implants, need to be refilled with natural tissue. This is primarily aimed towards maintaining a natural body profile. It is quite similar to breast lift.

In this context, it is important to note that when large implants are removed, the skin may develop stretch marks. In addition to this, the breasts may appear to sag or even have a deflated appearance in the worst-case scenario. In such situations, you are strongly advised to immediately contact experts who have the necessary skills and attributes to reshape and further lift your breast tissues which will further ensure that you have a natural body profile. They may ask you to opt for explant surgery with fat grafting.

There are a wide range of reasons due to which women tend to opt for breast explant surgeries. Sometimes it can be a simple matter of preference. For example, a woman may simply not like the look or the feel of breast explants or the goals she was wishing to fulfil were not fulfilled. On the other hand, a few women may have a wide variety of health conditions such as autoimmune diseases due to which their body tend to reject breast implants.

This is mainly because such health conditions may get aggravated due to the presence of breast implants. Past research and studies have shown that, in rare cases, a condition known as Capsular Contracture develops after the breast implant surgery. It mainly happens when scar tissues start forming surrounding the breast implants. Women suffering from this particular condition may experience pain, discomfort or notice a hardening of breast tissue. This particular issue can actually lead towards breast implants rupturing.

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