What to Look for When Purchasing a Gi

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There's more than colour to consider when comparing jiu jitsu gi mens and women's gi. Naturally, pink and purple are the colours most people imagine when imagining Brazilian jiu jitsu gi for women. But colour has zero bearing in picking a new style for ladies. The female form is the primary reason for the existence of women's BJJ gis.


Women don't have the same body types as men. Also, the cut and fit of your gi significantly impact your performance in Brazilian womens jiu jitsu gi. Ladies can get a kimonos bjj gi that fits well because manufacturers tailor them to different breast and hip measurements. There are a few factors to consider when shopping for your go-to gi.


What to Look for When Purchasing a Gi

  • Weight

While personal choice should play a large part, competition restrictions should also be considered while selecting a gi weight. A fighter's weight is important, especially if they are on the cusp of making the weight limit at the weigh-in. The gi you'll use in the competition must meet weight requirements at many events.


Consider a lightweight gi if your weight is below the limit. When trying to make weight, a gi that is too heavy can be counterproductive. More substantial, thicker gi's are tougher for your opponent to grip, as if the weight wasn't already complicated.


  • Cut

When it comes to how at ease you feel in your gi, the cut is crucial. Choose an item that flatters your figure. The jiu jitsu kimonos should fit snugly over your chest, with the sleeves falling to your wrists. A baggy gi is tempting, but it's not the best option for training on the mat.


As the gi gets baggier, it becomes easier for your opponent to grab onto you and take you down. But, if you go with a too-snug gi, you'll find it difficult to move around the mat freely. You should examine the brand's size chart to make the right decision. Take the appropriate measurements, and then select based on the size chart provided. Get in touch with the company for clarification if you need help.


  • Size

Finding the proper fit is crucial. Find out if the brand you're interested in selling pre-shrunk gi's or if your gi will shrink when you wash it. Read the feedback on the various womens gi pants as well. Some gis still shrinks slightly after being cleaned, even though most are pre-shrunk.


Pick the larger option if you're stuck between two sizes. As washing your gi can cause it to shrink, this is your best long-term option. Price can also be affected by factors including quantity, size, quality of construction, and manufacturer. kimonos for sale near me are available.



Although the gi's fabric and construction are the same for both sexes, the women's version is a normal size and has a standard cut. Like all other MMA gear on the market, women's kimonos are scaled down to a more adaptable size. It's been slimmed down and tightened up as well. ripstop gi pants shouldn't be skin-tight like yoga white gi pants but rather have a little give.

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