Beginner's Guide about BJJ Gi

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The Gi may look unusual to someone new to BJJ with no martial arts background. The first problem is figuring out where to look for one. Only some blocks have a store selling BJJ uniforms. Your school store may carry these, but shopping online is your best bet. If this is your first time wearing a bjj gi, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you. A bjj rash guards’ polyester and spandex construction is ideal for preventing sweat from seeping through to your gi. If that's the case, there are still more questions than solutions when purchasing a Gi. The BJJ Gi Guide answers the most pressing beginning questions.


What is the BJJ Gi?

A Brazilian jiu jitsu gi is a uniform worn during practice and competition. The jacket, the bjj gi pants, and the bjj belts are the three main pieces that make up the BJJ Gi. Remember that bjj gi kimonos, unlike Gis from other martial arts, typically do not come with jiu jitsu belts, so you must purchase one separately.


Beginner's Guide about BJJ Gi


The Brazilian jiu jitsu gi is an essential part of BJJ training. Because of BJJ's constant pulling and grasping, all Gis are of high-quality construction. They are trimmed more closely and are far more durable than Gis used in Judo or Aikido. Very wide sleeves, like those found in Judo Gis, are incredibly manageable for training and rolling in Jiu-Jitsu.


How many Gis do you need?

This is a thorny issue. It's safe to say that "the more, the better" describes the optimal solution. On the other hand, this could be a significant monetary burden. BJJ Gis that are both affordable and high-quality exist, of course. To be clear, two Gis is the basic minimum in this context.


  • A Complete BJJ Gi Guide for Beginners

No of how often you work out each week, if it's more than once, you'll require two black gi pants. This is so that you may always wear a clean Gi to class. Repeatedly cleaning a single Gi is an impossibility. Your Gi's lifespan will also be drastically reduced as a result. As a bonus, having a spare allows you to get creative with one while keeping the second within the bounds of the law when competing. Hence, acquire a minimum of two Gis and preferably more as quickly as possible.


  • Gis For Training and Competition

Unless you ordered a specially made GI, these would be the same. Regular training Gi can also be your competition if it meets the set standards. That's why looking for a Gi that meets competition standards is crucial when shopping for a training one.


When choosing separate BJJ Gis for competition, you look at the lightweight ones. Compared to bulkier Gis, these are less expensive, lighter, and more convenient.



While picking out a BJJ gi pants, it's important to remember a few key factors. If you want the best fit possible, consult the Gi sizing chart. Wearing a future kimonos rash guard can help you stay warm and maintain grappling flexibility. Your uniform might be a great first training partner if you're serious about learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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