What should you look out for when buying a BJJ suit?

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BJJ emphasizes the importance of technique, skill, and strategy over physical strength and size. Techniques include but are not limited to lock, choke, and control techniques aimed at bringing the opponent down and preventing them from moving or defending themselves.


BJJ is typically practiced in a gi (a suit that includes a jacket and pants), allowing the wearer better grip and control over the opponent. It is also used in many mixed martial arts (MMA) fights, allowing the fighter to take the fight to the ground and gain an advantage.


What should you look out for when buying a BJJ suit?


In addition to being an effective martial art, BJJ is an excellent form of physical fitness and a way to develop confidence, discipline, and respect. It is also a competitive sport that operates internationally, with tournaments such as the World Championships of Jiu-Jitsu held every year.


How to choose kimonos?

The difference in the various jiu jitsu gi kimonos lies in the details, more precisely in the weave types and fabric types. The higher the GSM, the heavier and more robust the Gi suit.

 There are the following types of weave:

  • Single Weavejiu jitsu gi for women is a woven fabric. The advantage is that it is relatively light and thin, which is particularly advantageous in warm temperatures.
  • Pearl Weave: Pearl Weave is the most commonly used fabric for BJJ Gis today. The Pearl Weave Gi is the lightest BJJ Gi approved for competition, but it is also very robust and durable. The Pearl Weave fabric can be recognized by its tight weave, making the fabric like small beads or bumps appear.
  • Rip-Stop: This fabric has grown in popularity and is typically used for Gi pants. Originally only a weave for pants, a jacket variant made of ripstop was recently developed. The square grid pattern can recognize the ripstop fabric.


Buy a Jiu-Jitsu belt.

The belt symbolizes the respective "level of experience" of the BJJ athlete. For adults, there are 5 different colored BJJ belts. Beginners wear the white belt, followed by blue, violet, Brown, and the highest level, black.


The intermediate levels are rewarded with a white belt stripe with 4 white stripes. One is then ready for the next belt color. The exception is the black belt. Here, one can achieve up to 6 white stripes before receiving the black and red bjj belts.


What should you look out for when buying a BJJ suit?

It would help if you considered whether you would participate in competitions. If so, make sure that the BJJ Gi suit is IBJJF compliant and approved, otherwise, you may not be allowed to take part in specific competitions.


Be sure to pay attention to the size chart of the respective manufacturer. The sizes for men are often given in A sizes, starting with A1 as the smallest size, through A2 and A3 to A4. There are often short and long sizes for bjj gi where the sleeves and legs are correspondingly longer or shorter.


What should you look out for when buying a BJJ suit?


Last but not least, it should be mentioned that bjj gi kimonos shrink a little the first time they are washed. The shrinkage rate is +- 5%, please consider this when placing your order.

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