Buying a BJJ Gi: What Are the Benefits?

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Jiu-jitsu, like other martial arts, requires its practitioners to wear certain uniforms. Due to the high risk of injury in such a high-contact sport, uniforms are required for all competitors. The womens gi is essential gear for Brazilian gi jiu jitsu. Many athletes favour thicker GIs. Read on to gain insight into the significance of the BJJ jiujitsu gi and how to select the finest clothing for your next competition, whether you're just starting or are a seasoned pro.


What the Jiu-Jitsu Gi is and why you wear it

Like other sports, martial arts and combat sports have specific clothing requirements. Taekwondo's traditional uniform, the dobok, is renowned for its cleanliness and portability. It is lightweight and functional, with historical roots in martial arts. Since taekwondo depends on quick, graceful movements, a uniform that allows for more freedom of movement is crucial.


Buying a BJJ Gi: What Are the Benefits?


The Brazilian jui jitsu gi follows. It's the uniform for major and minor competitions around the world. The term "jiu jitsu" sometimes written as " jiu jitsu gi" refers to the traditional Japanese clothing worn by practitioners of the discipline. It consists of heavy jacket and trousers and a belt indicating the wearer's rank and rashguard for women.


While many martial arts share this uniform style, the gi stands out due to the durability and weight of its fabric. The rashguard for men is worn not only for safety but also as a symbol of respect for the history and culture of jiu-jitsu. Students and senseis compete in the ritual to determine their relative skill levels. Specifically, the belt indicates the wearer's level of expertise and mastery of jiu-jitsu. Finally, the gi is used to distinguish members of the same group, typically through patches.


Benefits of Gi


  • Boosts Muscle Power in the Upper Body


Both kinds of grappling require the use of the hands, forearms, upper arms, and back, all of which benefit significantly from the constant grabbing of the sleeves, lapels, and trousers of one's opponent.


  • Reduces the pace of play


The kimono makes the game slightly slower than submission grappling because of increased friction between you and your opponent. Due to this reduction in pace, fighting has become more technical and organized. This is helpful for people who depend too heavily on speed and power to carry out their actions.


  • Encourages safer exits


Because you can be strangled from multiple directions when wearing a collar, you learn to be more protective. Also, unlike no-gi, breaking free from hold-downs and submissions is far more challenging when your opponent has a firm grip on your bjj rashguards. It is significantly more difficult to free an arm or leg from a lock if wrapped in cloth, necessitating a more sophisticated method.


Buying a BJJ Gi: What Are the Benefits?



There is a wide variety of gi styles and fabrics used in jiu-jitsu. However, a gi is among the better choices for a bjj rash guard uniform. When practising jiu-jitsu, there are many advantages to wearing spats. The first and most prevalent is the need to control body temperature. It gives players a tactical edge over many basic techniques and a more authoritative and professional appearance. 

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