Benefits of choosing BJJ wear

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The Gi has lost its exclusivity as the only piece of clothing worn to the mat as Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu has evolved. More practitioners currently prefer a rashguard as the only piece of torso clothing worn under a kimono. If you're unfamiliar with BJJ, you might be curious about what it is and why it's so well-liked. BJJ rash guards also reduce the chance of injury and ride-ups, ensure compliance with Nogi BJJ rules, and enhance grip and muscle recovery.


Benefits of choosing BJJ wear


How Does BJJ Rashguards Work? 

Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners wear BJJ rashguards as a piece of clothing to prevent skin rashes. They'll find later that this grappling clothing has more benefits than rash prevention, such as improved grip, protection from mat burns, decreased muscle soreness, and a lower chance of bacterial infections. They are often made of polyester, nylon, spandex, and in rare cases, lycra. They might have long or short sleeves, depending on the sleeve design.


Why BJJ Rashguards Should Be Worn by People?

There are a number of benefits to wearing rashguards on the mat as opposed to traditional compression t-shirts for grapplers. They more closely follow Jiu-Jitsu's formal standards and better safeguard the user from harm and potential bacterial infections. They have also been connected to lessening discomfort following mat use.


A Rashguard's Better Grip

BJJ is a physically taxing and strenuous sport. Because Nogi moves more quickly than Gi, it is even more difficult. Whatever BJJ style you train, you and your rolling partners will greatly perspire. When you and your opponent are both wet, securing a strong grip on each other might be challenging because sweat often makes skin slick.


Rashguards offer protection from mat burns.

If you've been practicing Jiu-Jitsu for a while, you've likely had mat burns once or more. These burns hurt and May occasionally need you to step away from the mat. Even worse, they are prone to infection, which can lead to more severe issues.


The fabric of a rashguard is specifically made to shield your body from mat burns. It is more flexible, smoother, and thicker than your typical compression shirt, which helps protect your skin from chafing and mat burns. Choose a bjj rashguards with long sleeves to cover as much skin as possible. 


Benefits of choosing BJJ wear


Stylish No Gi Shorts Collection  

You need comfort, flexibility, and durability in your BJJ shorts. When a pair of shorts fulfils this need, however, what you want depends on your personal taste in fashion and design. You can choose to purchase a range of different colours, including red, blue, yellow, grey, green, brown, purple, or fully blacked out, just like with all of bjj rashguard. For everyday training at any skill level, these BJJ shorts provide an unrivalled degree of comfort & quality.


Additionally, gi jiu jitsu provides BJJ Kids no gi shorts tailored to fit any aspiring little grappler. Give your little fighters the best BJJ no gi shorts available to suit them up. Their kids' section includes a range of designs and hues that will undoubtedly appeal to your child's sense of style, just like their selection of men's BJJ shorts does. To ensure you start with the correct product, adhere to the sizing recommendations in each section. 

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