Advantages of buying jiu jitsu gi brands

When you all start practicing BJJ, you wonder what kimono / Gi you should buy. Do not be scared because apart from being a fundamental decision for your beginning as a practitioner, the following guide will guide you in everything you need to know so as not to regret buying your first BJJ kimono / Gi.


The colours approved by the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) are white, black, and royal blue (not to be confused with navy blue). If, on the contrary, what you want is a kimono / Gi for training and you are not worried about the color, you can choose from the infinity of options available from best bjj gi.


Advantages of buying jiu jitsu gi brands


Kimono/Gi Parts

  • The jacket

The jacket is the central part of our kimono. From it is where your adversary will exercise the strongest grips and pulls. The jacket's weight is expressed in grams per square meter (GSM or GPM), indicating the fabric used to make it. The wrong message is often transmitted that a kimono / Gi is better than another because the jacket is heavier and thicker than another.


  • The pants

Like the jacket, the pants can be grabbed and pulled by their adversary.

There are several types of fabric to consider:

  • Twill-type cotton fabric pants. These pants typically weigh 340 GSM, making them cool, soft, and resistant to stain and tear.
  • Cotton and polyester Ripstop fabric pants. These pants usually weigh 270 GSM, being lighter but still have good tear resistance.


  • Kimono/Gi Maintenance

Like any item of clothing, the kimono / Gi have guidelines to follow for cleaning, drying, and storage. You should never forget that a bjj gi brands should never be washed in hot water.


Do not use bleach, chlorine, or similar.

Remember to take your kimono/Gi out of the backpack after workouts. If you do not have a second kimono / Gi, you can leave it turned upside down in an open place to be able to use it the next day.


Advantages of buying jiu jitsu gi brands



An important factor will be to analyze how many times a week you will normally train because your kimono / Gi will have less wear if you train a few times a week. But if, on the other hand, you are going to train 3 or more times a week, you are going to need another jiu jitsu gi brands. All this will depend on your budget, and consider buying two cheap ones, or one cheap one and one of better quality and durability.


After the previous points are clear to you and you have already decided which kimono / Gi you want, the ideal would be to have the same model or, in its absence, one of the same brands to be able to try it and see how you feel before making the purchase. If you cannot have it physically or buy it online, first see the size chart the manufacturers make available to us on their web pages and check the measurements carefully.

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