What Is 406 Error and How to Fix It?

What Is 406 Error and How to Fix It?
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One of the most common Server and client-side errors is called HTTP response codes. These codes mostly appear when a webpage not exists. The message will appear in the form of “406 error" or "406 Not Acceptable.” This code denotes that the connection to a website was refused, commonly because of some unexpected content blocking or processing.

Can You Explain the Meaning of the 406 Error?

Your website may display an HTTP error for various reasons. In particular, it may indicate that a page on your website is not found by the search engines and bots that scan websites for content.

Your website 406 errors may be as important to your business, but 406 errors it can still hurt the overall experience. Understand what is happening and why.

In this article, I’ll discuss the basics of the “406 Not Acceptable” error message and how to fix 406 errors

Why Do 406 Errors Happen?

As we already learned, 406 error is a common HTTP response code that indicates "error" if the server responds with content that the browser cannot understand or accept.

When your browser HTTP requests are being denied, this is likely caused by a server not sending the proper header or format, which will affect other requests made in the same or later HTTP connection.

When your web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc.) asks for site files and content whenever you open a web page. Through communication with the server, the browser communicates the user's preferred content, with the hope that the server will respond with the relevant data.


The browser communicates the user's desired content to the server, in expectation of receiving relevant data in response.

When you're experiencing a 406 error, make sure that your website is working properly, and then contact the support team to fix 406 errors.

Here Are Some Causes of 406 Errors ;

Accept - Ranges :

Security measures on some servers may limit the file size range in response. The 406 error message will be displayed if the response exceeds the acceptable range of bytes.

Accept - Encoding : 

This header section is designed to quickly send compressed files from the server to the browser. When certain HTML encoding formats are not accepted, a 406 error code is generated.

Accept - Language :

The "Accept - language" alias in "Accept - charset" highlights its focus on supporting languages from all over the world.

Default MIME Type : 

Sometimes, the browser might request a specific MIME ( Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) type from the server. MIME types include things like JPEG images, specific video formats, and basic text. If the server can't provide the requested MIME type, like with JPEG images, you may receive a 406 error.

Accept - Charset From Request HTTP Header :

Character sets convert code into readable characters, but it's impossible to cover all languages and symbols globally. The ISO-8859 table is standard, and new character tables are released regularly to keep up with additions.

Want to Fix 406 Errors on Your Website?

A 406 error occurs when a web server tries to access a file or directory that doesn't exist. This is a common problem, and it's easy to fix! If your website is experiencing a 406 error, you have the chance to fix it easily.

A 406 error means your website/application is not responding. This might be due to a temporary problem, such as an expired script or cache file.

It’s always reasonable practice to run backups before doing anything with your site’s code and database, so you can restore if something goes wrong.

If you're running a WordPress site, go to the site's file manager. Press publi_html and there you found .htaccess, then do right-click on it to edit. Please type the following code at the bottom of the file, then click save. This will easily fix 406 errors.

Takeaways :

A 406 error is the most common HTTP error code and can be caused by several circumstances. It can prevent your website from functioning properly, but it's also important to know what causes this error code so you can fix 406 errors as soon as possible. This can be discouraging as well as it might lose traffic and sales, but resolving this issue can be quite simple.

After updating a WordPress site, it may experience the HTTP response code 406. This error can be difficult to troubleshoot, especially because it's not uncommon and may affect your site's performance.

When your website 404s, it means that the item you were looking for is not found. 404 errors are a common issue on WordPress websites that can be prevented with the use of certain plugins and configurations.

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