How to Fix QuickBooks Error H202

How to Fix QuickBooks Error H202
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If you are a business owner or an accountant, encountering error H202 in your QuickBooks software can be a very frustrating thing. The problem often comes up when you try to access your company file in multi-user mode. This shows that there is a communication problem with the server where the company file is being kept. However, this comprehensive guide will provide you with steps on how to troubleshoot and fix QuickBooks H202 errors.

What Does Error H202 Mean?

Prior to finding solutions, it is crucial to know what Error H202 means. It means that the workstation cannot communicate with the server. When QuickBooks installed on your computer can’t reach out to the server over which it has hosted your company file, it throws up this error, consequently interrupting workflow.

Major Causes of Error H202

Different reasons may result in H202 errors, including:

  • Issues in Network Configuration: Misconfiguration of network settings will hinder communication between workstations and servers.
  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager Issues: The Database Server Manager, which helps in sharing and accessing the company files, might not be functioning correctly.
  • Firewall Settings: At times, the firewall may restrict communication between workstations and servers.
  • DNS Settings: Another cause of this issue could be incorrect DNS settings.
  • Hosting Configuration Settings: If more than one computer has been set up as a host for QuickBooks company file.

A Step-by-Step Solution That Will Help You Fix Error H202

Solution 1: Test Network Connectivity

Ping Test: Use the ping command from a workstation that cannot open the database server manager to test network connectivity by pinging all computers using the IP address instead of the domain name or hostname. If the reply comes without any packet loss, then the network is okay; otherwise, check your network connection & settings again if necessary.

Solution 2: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Download and Run: Download QuickBooks Tool Hub and launch Quickbooks File Doctor, which can diagnose and fix the most common network issues.

Solution 3: Configure Firewall Settings

Adjust Settings: Make sure that the firewall settings are not actually blocking the running of QuickBooks. You may have to adjust those settings so as to allow QuickBooks to pass through.

Solution 4: Verify Hosting and Services

  • Hosting: One computer or server must be titled as the host for the QuickBooks files. Other hosting configurations on workstations should all be turned off.
  • QuickBooks Services: Verify whether services like “QuickBooksDBXX” (where XX is your version) and QBCFMonitor are running on your server.

Solution 5: Add Server to Windows Host File

Edit Host File: Modify the IP address of your workstation in the Windows host file at which this error has been displayed; it will increase connectivity.

Solution 6 – Configure Network Data (.ND) File

Recreate.ND File: Delete existing.ND file and create a new one with the help of QuickBooks Database Server Manager. This file is essential if you want to access a company’s database over a network.

How to Prevent Error H202?

Prevention is better than cure! Updating Quickbooks regularly, setting up correct networks, and checking Quickbooks Database Server Manager more often can prevent H202 errors in the future.


However, it’s possible for any user who follows these steps, starting from simple network checks, using a quick books file doctor, firewall adjustments and hosting folder corrections down to .nd config…etc, fixes, among others. Moreover, please remember how important it is that you keep your quick books updated while also remembering to check on the status of your network regularly.

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