The difference between mini sex dolls and children’s sex dolls

The difference between mini sex dolls and children’s sex dolls
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There is currently a heated social debate over the ownership of child sex dolls. Some of their supporters suggest they provide safe sexual experiences for minors and can be used to prevent child sexual abuse. On the other hand, these child-like sex dolls are considered objects that sexualize children, support abnormal fantasies, and increase the risk of criminal activity (paedophilia). However, to date, there has been no empirical analysis of people who own such sex dolls to produce results that would corroborate any particular claim.

Mini realistic dolls and children's silicone dolls are often confused. At the same time, the differences between these two types of sex dolls are diametrically opposed. It is important to emphasize that mini sex dolls are produced to appeal to a wider audience and to make it easier for future owners to maintain and store them. The same goes for realistic dolls that resemble children, but have very different body shapes and faces.

The difference between mini sex dolls and children’s sex dolls

the difference:
The size of mini sex dolls is the main reason people often confuse them with child sex dolls. Body proportions are an important factor in distinguishing mini sex dolls from children's dolls.
The vast majority of mini sex dolls have the typical body proportions of an adult female over the age of 18 (as well as dolls in the younger category), but still have the characteristics of an adult (wide hips, narrow waist, well-developed breasts, thighs, arms and legs). So everything is the same as a doll of adult female height. The proportions are preserved, only "reduction" occurs. Therefore, it is also possible to buy a doll with a height of 170 cm (66.9 inches), for example a doll with a height of 120 cm (46.7 inches). Many mini sex dolls are inspired by anime and cosplay looks and feature large breasts and well-developed buttocks.
The main advantages of mini sex dolls are primarily their lighter weight and easier handling and storage.

Instead, child sex dolls are made to resemble underdeveloped children between the ages of 5 and 12, with heights ranging from 50 cm (19.6 inches) to 120 cm (46.7 inches). A flat chest and underdeveloped limbs (thin arms and legs) combined with childish, lifelike facial features are good signs of a child sex doll.

Fun fact: Mini reality dolls are approximately 50% cheaper compared to the prices of medium and tall sex dolls. Regardless of the material used, mini sex dolls require less material and are therefore more affordable. However, the legal and business risks associated with the production, sale, and distribution of child sex dolls encourage sellers to increase their prices.

The difference between mini sex dolls and children’s sex dolls

Due to the outcry against online shopping sites that allow the sale of child sex dolls, many modern e-stores such as Amazon or AliExpress have taken careful and strict measures to ensure that no items related to child pornography are sold on their websites . These include adding implicit size standards for items such as sex dolls. Therefore, it is impossible to find a doll smaller than 140 cm (55.1 inches) in most electronics stores.

The sale and distribution of realistic children's dolls is restricted and criminalized in most countries, with country-specific measures and penalties varying - ranging from possible confiscation of these pornographic items to fines and the amount of penalties that may be imposed on sellers. Before purchasing a child sex doll, it is necessary to check the laws of the country where you are purchasing it. Why is this even though it's essentially just a "thing"?
The answer is simple. In most countries around the world, child sex dolls are considered "obscene" and are less popular than other sex toys. A number of childlike sex dolls have been seized at the borders of some Western countries, and Amazon and other world-renowned e-commerce companies have banned the sale of such items, sparking debate over the legality of these real-life dolls. Mainly to satisfy so-called pedophilic impulses.
different perspectives: Some departments believe that child pornography should be banned because it may encourage child sexual abuse. Others, on the contrary, claim that allowing them is appropriate because they can channel the impulses of potential aggressors and limit this very serious problem.
Legislators, ethics representatives, manufacturers, distributors and ultimately consumers are all involved in this debate; however, logically, they are usually the sector with the least knowledge about the legality of the above mentioned topics.

The difference between mini sex dolls and children’s sex dolls

So the question is: Is it legal to own a child sex doll?
Countries that ban child sex dolls
United States (several states, but not federal law), Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Maldives, and Singapore.
Since most other countries follow European and American legal standards, and obscenity, immorality, and child protection laws have not changed much over the years, it can be assumed that the import, distribution, and sale of child sex dolls are at least somewhat restricted. However, being caught in possession of a child sex doll does not constitute a crime unless that fact is used as evidence against the doll's owner in a child abuse investigation.

     In most countries around the world, one must be proven guilty of a crime related to a child sex doll, whether importing or distributing it - except in countries where sex toys are prohibited by law.
     Laws typically affect the supply chain from shipper to retailer, but not manufacturers or end consumers.
     In most countries, the buyer is not committing a crime if the item was manufactured or stored in that country prior to the purchase of said doll.
     While possessing a child sex doll may not be illegal, possessing photos or videos of a child sex doll may constitute a criminal offense.
     Possession of a child sex doll can also be used as evidence against the owner to initiate or conduct an investigation related to child abuse laws.

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