Which is better, a sex doll with hair implants or a sex doll with a wig?

Which is better, a sex doll with hair implants or a sex doll with a wig?
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What is a silicone wig? What is a wig? Do you know all this? Adult sex dolls are more than just sex toys. She can accompany you as a real woman. Beauty, sex, photography, models, art and other topics are intertwined.

The process of making a sex doll is very complex, especially the head. Most sex dolls have their heads and bodies made separately. The body is made by pouring raw materials into molds. A good silicone head is hand-carved step by step by a head carver. Silicone hair transplantation is an important step in the process of head sculpting.

sex doll hair implants
Generally, good manufacturers will use environmentally friendly medical-grade silicone. Their silicone tips are hand-poured and formed using molds. Moreover, the raw material formula has been adjusted many times to form a scientific ratio. After the head is formed, the head sculptor will apply makeup to the head. Blood vessels, meridians, and skin texture are all clearly visible. The head sculptor will manually insert human hair or synthetic wig stitch by stitch.
(Note that it is a silicone head hair transplant, not a TPE head. Because TPE is not hard enough, it is easy to crack and is not friendly to artificial hair transplantation. Silicone heads do not have this problem. The silicone head is more suitable for hair implants, and the doll's makeup can last longer. )

Which is better, a sex doll with hair implants or a sex doll with a wig?

(The hair of this silicone sex doll is implanted, so you can style your sex doll's hair at will.)

Advantages of implanted hair sex dolls
Silicone sex dolls with head hair transplants are more realistic. Especially for mid-back hairstyles, there is a big difference between hair transplants and wigs. If you're looking for visual realism, a sex doll with hair implants is better for you.
Disadvantages of Hair Sex Doll Implants
Sex dolls with human hair or synthetic wigs are relatively expensive and cannot be changed.

sex doll wig
A wig is a head or hair accessory made of human hair, animal hair or synthetic fibers. Often, with the purchase of a non-hair-implanted sex doll, the manufacturer will include a free synthetic wig. Wigs are beautiful and come in different lengths, sizes, styles and colors for a variety of aesthetic pleasures. When you want to buy a wig, you have to pay close attention to the skin tone so that it will fit the actual doll well and improve its appearance. Different types of wigs have different prices. If you have a lot of money, you can even buy human hair wigs.

Which is better, a sex doll with hair implants or a sex doll with a wig?

Advantages of wig sex dolls
Inexpensive, after using a full-size sex doll several times, you may want to change the look of your sex doll. With a wig, you can change your hairstyle at any time and keep it fresh.
Disadvantages of wig sex dolls
It looks less realistic compared to implanted hair. Requires regular maintenance and cleaning.

1. Avoid using adhesives or glue, which may damage the scalp of the physical doll;
2. Avoid using elastic bands that will leave permanent scars on the skin of the sex doll;
3. Avoid using dark wig caps, as they will leave stains after being worn for a long time.

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