Comparison between inflatable dolls and sex dolls

Comparison between inflatable dolls and sex dolls
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As time goes by and technology advances, inflatable dolls have become a thing of the past. High-end sex dolls, with their functionality and realistic appearance, bring satisfaction to those who feel lonely because they cannot find a partner. Although they are expensive, they are still very popular. Due to the popularity of sex dolls, you may be wondering what the differences are between inflatable dolls and sex dolls.

Comparison between inflatable dolls and sex dolls
1. Material
Inflatable dolls refer to adult sex toy products designed to look like humans and serve as sexual partners through inflating. Inflatable dolls are usually made of PVC, rubber, vinyl, or latex and come with a functional vagina, anus, and mouth. But their bodies are somewhat fragile and can easily get punctured or leak.
Sex dolls are made of high-quality materials such as TPE or medical silicone. With its ultra-realistic appearance, soft skin, and many advanced features, it can meet diverse needs. And medical silicone or TPE materials are strong and resistant to wear and tear, so people can enjoy them for years.

Comparison between inflatable dolls and sex dolls
2. Appearance
The appearance of inflatable dolls is low in simulation, has a heavy plastic smell, and is hard in texture. It needs to be filled with air through a pump to obtain the finished product. Although the vaginal part of the inflatable doll is coated with silicone material, the degree of stimulation is still different.
Sex dolls are more sophisticated in appearance. Exquisite makeup and hair are usually handmade by craftsmen, and details such as eyes, joints, and skin texture are highly realistic.

Comparison between inflatable dolls and sex dolls

Comparison between inflatable dolls and sex dolls
3. Weight
An inflatable doll usually weighs around 2kg and, when not inflated, resembles a balloon toy. So easy to carry and use.
Due to the built-in metal skeleton of real sex dolls, real sex dolls with a height of more than 150cm are basically more than 30 kg.
The pros and cons of both sex doll types are obvious. TPE and silicone sex dolls offer greater durability, authenticity, and advanced features, but are more expensive and require more complex and careful maintenance. Inflatable sex dolls are cheaper and easier to maintain and store, but they lack realism and durability.

Comparison between inflatable dolls and sex dolls has a large collection of TPE and silicone sex dolls of different styles and types, such as Avatar sex dolls, celebrity sex dolls, or anime sex dolls. A variety of different types of female and male dolls can also be customized to suit your preferences.

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