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Companion Dolls and Aging: Embrace the Companionship of the Elderly

We're currently witnessing a revolution that may not have caught your attention: the sex doll revolution. While the term sounds dramatic, there's no denying the explosive popularity of sex dolls in recent years. Sex dolls are increasingly being embraced by people of all backgrounds, genders and races around the world. The reasons behind this rise i...

Roger Hutchison · 24 November 2023 · 1

The difference between mini sex dolls and children’s sex dolls

There is currently a heated social debate over the ownership of child sex dolls. Some of their supporters suggest they provide safe sexual experiences for minors and can be used to prevent child sexual abuse. On the other hand, these child-like sex d...

Roger Hutchison · 31 October 2023 · 22

The charm of mini sex dolls

Mini sex doll | The best choice for entry-level sex dolls! Mini-sex dolls are generally around 100cm tall or less. They are also very realistic and fully functional. Mini sex dolls are lighter in weight and less expensive than larger sex dolls. This...

Roger Hutchison · 18 October 2023 · 5