Is the fastest GPU ALWAYS the best? techplanet.today
Nvidia RTX 3090Ti is  the world\'s fastest gaming GPU, as of yesterday. Today, Nvidia launches  the GeForce RTX 4090, a massive improvement over its predecessor in almost every way. So, why a...

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Desktop vs. Laptop GPUs Explained techplanet.today
I don\'t care what Gandalf says. You can\'t shove a full-sized graphics card into a laptop without pulling some kind of crazy wizardry. But even so, modern gaming laptops still include discreet GPUs tha...

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Is Buying More RAM a WASTE for Gamers? (2022) www.youtube.com
Thanks to Crucial for sponsoring this video! Check out Crucial's DDR5 RAM today at: https://crucial.gg/LTT_DDR5Still gaming in 2022 on 8GB of RAM (hopefully)...

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