How to Pair PS4 Controller
DualShock 4 is another well-known PlayStation 4 controller. Do you have any questions about [how to pair the PS4 controller]( If so, we will support you in this. If you'd like, you can use Bluetooth to connect the console. Simpl...


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PS4 and PS5: Sony can not fix huge security vulnerability
There is a security issue in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 that is impossible to fix, according to an expert. It is \"fundamentally\" impossible to fix. Sony has known about the danger for about a...

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Free Fire Advance Server OB36 APK Download Link
In the midst of all the 5th Anniversary festivities, players were excitedly anticipating the launch of the Advance Server for the Free Fire/FF MAX OB36 edition. Several gamers can now enjoy the newest...

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Desktop vs. Laptop GPUs Explained
I don\'t care what Gandalf says. You can\'t shove a full-sized graphics card into a laptop without pulling some kind of crazy wizardry. But even so, modern gaming laptops still include discreet GPUs tha...

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Is Buying More RAM a WASTE for Gamers? (2022)
Thanks to Crucial for sponsoring this video! Check out Crucial's DDR5 RAM today at: gaming in 2022 on 8GB of RAM (hopefully)...

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