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Bitroot :Opening the Era of Bitcoin Smart Contracts

With Bitcoin's recent halving event and the approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), Bitcoin has once again hit a record high of $73,000, once again showing its strong appeal as an investment asset. At the same time, emerging assets in the...

Cryptoworld · 29 April · 82

Will Bitroot become the leader of the btc ecosystem?

With the technological upgrades, Bitcoin has demonstrated more vigor and innovation, and BTC is now more than just a simple value storage currency; the ability to host more complex applications and protocols is the trend of Bitcoin. ETH's smart cont...

Cryptoworld · 23 April · 42

With Bitcoin halving, will currency issuance protocol Bitroot lead a new ecological narrative?

On 20 April 2024, the 840,000th block was created, marking the completion of Bitcoin's fourth halving. It's a milestone that, as a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space, has held the nerves of investors and market analysts across the globe with each ha...

Cryptoworld · 30 April · 24