Will Bitroot become the leader of the btc ecosystem?

Will Bitroot become the leader of the btc ecosystem?
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With the technological upgrades, Bitcoin has demonstrated more vigor and innovation, and BTC is now more than just a simple value storage currency; the ability to host more complex applications and protocols is the trend of Bitcoin.

ETH's smart contract development has driven the flourishing of the on-chain ecosystem. The ecological development of Bitcoin, whose market capitalization is more than three times that of ETH, is still a gradual evolutionary process. With reference to ETH, the Bitcoin ecosystem will reach an asset volume of more than $200 billion, which is equal to 600 times the growth space.

Because of Bitcoin's Turing incompleteness, existing coin-issuing protocols cannot realize the function of smart contracts. The issuance and management of programmable homogenized tokens and NFTs is an important requirement for the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem, which will significantly expand the functionality and application scope of the protocols on Bitcoin.

Bitroot, the on-chain asset issuance protocol on Bitcoin. As the most complete asset issuance protocol on Bitcoin, Bitroot can issue ERC20 tokens and programmable NFTs in a decentralized form.

Will Bitroot become the leader of the btc ecosystem?

Programmable NFT (Non-Fungible Token) refers to NFTs that contain smart contracts that are sufficient to perform complex functions and interactions.

The ERC-20 protocol is a standard for the most common tokens on the ethereum blockchain. It defines a set of rules that specify how tokens are traded and how they operate. It makes it easy for different tokens to interact in different smart contracts.
You will be able to use Bitroot in the following scenarios
If you are a Builder, you can use Bitroot to issue programmable NFTs/homogenized token issuance
Programmable NFTs, which can be used in collectibles, music, and other art forms, can be used in on-chain games, as well as widely used in RWA, DID, and charity projects, providing a richer, more interactive, and personalized experience.
Bitroot introduces the ERC20 token standard to Bitcoin, which enables payment, proof of ownership, trading, incentivization, release, burning and funding, and issuance of stablecoins. These tokens, which are suitable for smart contracts, will be the basis for DeFi contracts on Bitcoin.

If you are an investor, you can index your assets
Monitor Bitcoin address balances, transaction history, and related market data to display management of assets on the BTC chain

If you want to use token functionality in other contracts, try bitroot's smart contract co-builder!
Bitroot provides programmable functionality for smart contracts for tokens, extending the ways in which tokens can be used.

For NFT investors, NFT pool trading is a very useful feature
Bitroot can sort and search the currently popular BRC type inscriptions very well, providing inscription trading while supporting the purchase of NFT and ERC20 tokens.

Bitroot's vision is to be the leader in the Bitcoin protocol, and Bitroot provides the world's Bitcoin ecosystem co-builders with a practical and reliable key to unlocking the door to Bitcoin's trillion-dollar ecosystem.

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